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The Enemy Has You Running IN Circles - Get Off The Hamster Wheel

How many times have you ended the day, with very little fruit to show for it? It feels like the day was stolen from you! Today the Lord calls you off your hamster wheel, and to walk with Him. He knows how to help you complete your tasks and still have time for yourself!

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The Enemy Has You Running IN Circles - Get Off The Hamster Wheel

By Apostle Craig Toach

Today's Word is for those of you who feel unaccomplished by the work of your hands.

"Everything has a time and a season, and so I ask you today, “Will you walk in my season?”

I know the demands that have been placed on you. You run around trying to catch up. But Child, do you not see, you are not walking with me. You are walking in the ways of this world. I am the prince of peace. When you walk with me, although you will be busy, you will have a piece that passes all understanding in everything you do. It is in that peace, that I will give you the wisdom needed to accomplish all the tasks ahead of schedule.

So stop the continual running around, and come to peace. Seek me out, so I can give you the right spiritual eyes to see. Then take my hand child, and let's accomplish all I have set before for you."

Project: It is time to break out of this cycle you are in. Let’s start by removing the noise! For the next week, I want you to do the following:

1. Find a quiet place with no noise or distraction.

2. Put away all devices and writing materials.

3. Spend at least 15mins every day, just sitting in the quiet and listening to the Lord.

4. DO NOT: break your time to write down anything the Lord shows you. Stay in the moment for the whole time.

5. Now that the time is up, write down what you experience and the revelation you got, for your personal use. You are not to publish this or make it known to anyone.

6. Each day the Lord will build on your revelations and what he desires for you.

At the end of this season, apply what the Lord showed you. Hopefully, it will be a way of life for you and you will continue the project daily for the rest of your life!

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