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The Devil Would Love to Remind You of Your Sin

The dirty dog! If the devil can’t dissuade you from God’s will, He’ll guilt you out of it.

So fight back today. Don’t fight using your righteousness. Fight back with the blood. You know the best thing about the Blood? Jesus did the heavy lifting. You don’t need to earn it. You just stand in it. So take your sin today and take a Blood bath!

Today’s prophetic word washes you. It reminds you of your inheritance. So fight Colette! FIGHT with the blood!

Ending Note:

Have you listened to The Crucified Life Series? If not, now is a good time. Become armed against every work of the enemy. No demon can stand against you. No sin can drag you down. Find peace and joy again, child of God. Get some help, ok? Listen to The Crucified Life Series and then chat any of my team on the site and get help!!

The Devil Would Love to Remind You of Your Sin

By Jodia Mattison

Today's prophetic word reminds you that you are more than your sins and mistakes. You're a child of the King!

You're almost at the end. Be steadfast and trust in your God. You are His. Ephesians 2 says in Jesus you are complete.

The Lord says to you:

"My child, you're in the middle of a transition. I've created the circumstances to take you to my desired destination. But know this little one, the enemy will create a storm to confuse you. Stand in my love and combat his lies. Nothing you do can take away my love for you.

Here you sit in shame and disgrace, but still, my love is for you. I cover you, my child. Haven't I carried you every step of the way? My love reaches the valley below and the mountain high. It doesn't matter what the world thinks of you. My love for you covers it all.

Nothing compares to the peace I have for you. Even though your sins are many, I'm your covering. I make you clean. There's nothing you do that can separate you from my love. I am your joy and your victory.


So come my child, and let me speak over you. I'll clothe you with my righteousness. In me, you have everything you need. In me, you're complete. Stand in confidence today, for you are the apple of my eye. Rest in me when the lies come against you, for I carry you.

When you walk through the valley, I am there. The darkness will not overtake you. You may face lions and wolves, but trust that I'll give you victory. Take my hand, for together, this cord will not break. Alone you will be crushed, but with me you'll stand on the mountain top!"

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