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The Devil Tricked You But Jesus Has Your Shortcut!

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

I missed God. It’s humiliating to admit that as a prophet. I especially messed up when it came to accepting people. In one incident, someone wanted to be part of our team. I felt the caution, but I pushed passed it. I felt guilty for not giving them a chance. God was speaking, but I fell for the devil’s bullying instead. Everyone paid the price for my foolishness. I was so ashamed when I went to Jesus. Instead of judging, He took me by the hand and showed me a better way. Don’t allow the enemy to add guilt to your shame. Get up! Jesus wants to teach you another way today! Love and blessings, Colette Toach Ministry News From the Toaches: Get on board with the NextGen Prophets Team and... ACCEPT YOUR PROPHETIC SELF! We’re hosting a quest to help you identify your prophetic type. Visit to get updates!

Today's word is for those who've fallen for the enemy's tricks. Rise up again! by Eloise Flanders

It's easy to get discouraged when you fall prey to satan's trickery. But, the Lord isn't disappointed in you. He desires you to grow in wisdom and discernment. You know the enemy is cunning. He disguises himself to get you chasing the wind. The Lord has a plan to get you on the right path.

Knowing God's obedience for you gives you direction. You'll have the ability to divide truth from deception and to stay on the right track. Sit down at the feet of the Master to learn. The Lord says, "My child, the only way to know what is of Me is to sit at my feet. You're so busy running around that you have no time to learn My ways. I know the plans I have for you. I desire to direct your path. Yet, when you take matters into your hands, you walk right into the plans of the enemy. Understand that I'm not withholding My blessings from you. The enemy is well versed in your weaknesses. He gets you to become impatient with My plans.

When you become impatient, he sets temptations to cause you to step out from under My covering. It's not my will to have you running around in circles. Come sit long enough to know My heart and My will about you. Only then will you learn to walk in right standing with and in My blessing. Until then, you're unable to discern when the enemy sets you up to fail. My thoughts for you are to provide you with good things. I desire you to win, grow, and excel in everything you set your heart to do, according to My purpose for you. So don't get frustrated. Learn! Look forward to the good things I've planned for you. See that I always make a way out for you. As you learn to discern what is My perfect will for you, it will be easy to identify deception leading you astray."

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