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The Devil’s Gonna Wish He Didn’t Do That!

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

The enemy hit me hard with a back injury.

I wasn’t going to take that kind of assault lying down! We recorded our first podcast for the Next Gen Prophets from our bedroom. Craig helped prop me up on pillows and we took to the mic. That was January 1st 2021. Today we’ve reached 190,000 people. Perhaps if the devil knew what was coming, he wouldn't have tried so hard. That’s his downfall though - he always overdoes it!

What has he done to knock you down today? Well, he shoulda known better because now you're angry and ready to fight back. GOOD! Let’s get bold! Love and blessings, Colette Toach

Today's word is for the builders being pushed down! by Nathan Berry

This is a word to those God has instructed to step out and build. Yet, circumstances continue to arise that push you down. Every step you take, you’re met with opposition and rejection. Every time you stand, you’re hit with discouragement that knocks you down. The Father has a word for you today. This word will pick you up and establish His plan in your life.

Shake Off the Dust

“Pick up your head,” says the Lord. “I’ve called you to stand and be bold. It’s time for you to run. It’s time for you to act. I’ve called you to restore the ruins of the nations around you. It’s not the time to feel discouraged by the things that are out of place in your life.

It’s not the time to dwell upon what others have done to you, or to ponder how you’ve been rejected. Shake off the dust of the grave. The enemy has tried to cast this dirt upon you and pronounce a benediction to your call. Yet, I, your Father, have come to remove the stone that’s been holding you down.

Get Up and Allow My Power to Carry You

My child, this is your reminder that I've called you and I’ll carry you through the rough times. I’ll qualify you for the call I’ve given you. I’ll continue to lead you forward to establish the land that I’ve already given you, and to take more land in My name.

So, get up and continue to walk. Get up and do the work I’ve commanded of you. Push through the weariness. As you get up and begin to follow My instructions, My power will meet you where you are and carry you. It’s when you make the choice to stand up and move forward and no longer be held back that you’ll overcome the oppression of the enemy,” says the Lord.


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