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The Devil Didn’t Shut That Door - God Did

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

When 2020 hit we were forced to close the doors to our ministry center in San Diego.

As the door slammed in our face, I thought for sure the devil was at work. The Father challenged my thinking, “Do you trust me to finish what I started?” Today I thank the Lord for this power move!

The one closed door led to many others. Embrace this word and navigate your closed door with wisdom! Love and blessings, Colette Toach

If you feel like you're surrounded by closed doors, then today's prophetic word is for you! By Nathan Berry

Not every door that shuts is a work of the enemy. The Lord closes doors when it's time for you to transition from the old to the new. Child of God, I'm speaking to you if you've been pressing hard to walk through doors, but they continue to close. I'm speaking to you if you try to keep walking but roads continue to be blocked to you. Don't be discouraged. Your Father has shut these doors so that He might lead you to a promotion He has for you. Take heed to these words from your Father and let your hope be restored!

You're in Transition

“Take My hand and let Me lead you,” says the Lord. “Don’t try to push down the doors that won’t come open. Don’t try to force entry into avenues that continue to close in front of you. I’m shutting the doors that lead you into old seasons. I’m barricading the paths that take you down a road that ends in lack of success.

I’m leading you in a direction that you don’t know. I’m taking you into an environment that’s new. Allow Me to transition you into this new season of your life and ministry. Allow Me to remove the things that’ll hinder you from experiencing the richness of this new land.

Take My Hand. I'll Lead You Through.

As I walk you down these paths that you’ve never walked before, embrace the challenges that come. Don’t fear the uncertainty and begin to walk in a direction of your own understanding. When you try to find your own way, you walk down a path that leads away from the direction of My blessing.

So again, My child, take My hand. Walk closer to Me and don’t be stirred by any doubts that arise. Daily, come to Me and take the time to hear My voice. This way, I can continue to speak words of life to you, help you not to grow faint, and lead you one step at a time into this new season and land that I’ve prepared for you”, says the Lord.


Watch Navigating the Darkness - Finding Vision by Apostle Colette Toach here - Navigate the Darkness - Finding Vision by Apostle Colette Toach

After you’ve listened to this message, you'll realize that you're right on track. May His peace flood your soul as you take His hand and He navigates you from the old to the new.

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