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The Apostolic Move Is Coming, Are You Positioned?

The prophets are positioned as watchmen. Now apostle take your place! It is time to build, but no longer alone. The Lord requires you to build alongside other apostles just in Nehemiah.

Together a heritage will be built to leave for future generations. I kingdom that will stand the test of time.

Ending Note:

To all the Apostles out there, Colette and I know the road you walk daily. Let us help you succeed, join our Apostolic Mentorship Program event.

The Apostolic Move Is Coming, Are You Positioned?

By Bethany Sealy

Today's Word is for the Apostles needing encouragement.

If you’re an apostle who’s building yet find yourself alone. The Lord says to you,

“For years you’ve wandered this desert looking for water. You’ve climbed through treacherous terrains by sheer willpower to overcome. And you have come quite a distance. But what have you built that remains? What have you to show for your determination? Have you stored earthly treasures, or is there a reward in heaven awaiting you for all you’ve stored up for the kingdom? Have you built with your own hands with your wisdom or reached out to build alongside others I’ve sent to help you?

There is a time coming that requires you to join your brothers and sisters and build together. To face the opposition. Sheer willpower will not carry you through. I have seen your strength and commended your heart, but build with me, not for me. Join forces with those I’ve placed in your path and establish a work that will remain. Store up treasures of lives changed for my sake. Let me teach you teamwork and give you the support you need to succeed.”

If you’re an Apostle, you need the Apostolic Mentorship Program. Allow Apostles Craig and Colette Toach to equip you to work together to establish God's blueprint on the earth.

Thanks for reading!

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