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Surrender to Jesus and get your answers

Internalizing your problems will only draw you deeper into despair. We feel like, we need to come up with the answers! Yet before you, stands Jesus, with the solution to any circumstance we will ever face. Today the Lord invites you to surrender your will to Him. Allow Him to give you the solutions you need.

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Surrender To Jesus And Get Your Answers

By Jodia Mattison

Today's Word is for those battling hurts but don't want to be a burden.

Circumstances come at you like a tornado. You've tried taking care of yourself on your own, but you end up full of fear and stress—time to run to your source. This season when you feel overwhelmed, turn to the Prince of peace.

"I am the vine. Ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: without me ye can do nothing." - John 15: 5 KJV

"My child, you've carried so much load. It is overwhelming, and you bear no fruit. You have become your own strength, but you will overcome by my power. Walk in my strength, for yours is not enough.

Come in my presence, for I know the battle plan. I know how to succeed. It is by my power you will overcome. My anointing will carry you. I am your source and your strength. Look to me, for I can exceed above all you think. I am the way.

Take my plans and get my perspective. I love you, my child. Get all you need for your season ahead. I am your cover. I have all you need. Do not run from the battle, for I am your help. Without me, you will be beaten and bruised. Get my tools to win."

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