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STOP! Your Spouse Is Not The Enemy

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Someone once told me, “My wife and I don’t fight, we have intense fellowship.”, and in those times the fellowship can get intense. But today the Lord is calling you to change your tactics and fight with His undefeated weapon - love! Your spouse like you is a casualty of war. They have hurts and disappointments just like you. Marriage is a gift of God. Will you allow Him the liberty to love through you, and restore your marriage to His perfect image?

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STOP! Your Spouse Is Not The Enemy

By Jessica Toach

Today's Word is for those married believers struggling with their spouses, the Lord's love will lead you!

You have prayed you have gotten counsel and at this point, you want to know if there is hope for your marriage. You are wondering how God will change it. Today God has a word and wants you to know….

"My child, I know you are a broken vessel. I know your scars and walls and the void that has grown between you two. I know the shots you have taken at each other inflecting the wounds you now see.

My child, I know the part you played in the destruction of your marriage. but I also see the role you play in the remasting of it. For with the same words you tore down you will use to build up. With the same cold heart that pushed away, will be a heart of love that will draw back.

My child, you have deafened yourself and protected yourself from the hurt. But I am asking you to let go and to hurt for the sake of your marriage. To mourn the loss in your marriage and to carry the weight of responsibility for it. Carry the weight so that you might put it in my hands so I can carry it. Put the bitterness and fear in my hands.

Let me defend you and correct you. Let me reshape you so that I can transform your marriage into the vision I have for you. Take responsibility so that I may have control and undo the harm made by the enemy.

Reconcile belongs to you my child, but it is for you to make the first step. Amen"

You need real change. So I am going to give you a project that my Apostle (and mother) Colette Toach give me. This project helped save and transform both our marriages, So I know it will do the same for you.

Every night before bed or while your spouse is asleep lay hands on them "or their pillow" and pray for them. Anoint them in their sleep and release the Lord to do work in their heart and mind. Give the Lord control over your marriage and do warfare against the attacks coming at them. Do this for the next week or two and you will see things exposed and a shift take place in your marriage.

As your sister, know that I am standing with you and praying for you. Your marriage is not beyond repair. You have the power ”with Jesus” to change it.

PS. It might be best if your spouse doesn't know about this project. and if they wake up while you are praying play it off by stroking their hair. 😆 lol JK

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