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Stop Your Excuses, It's Time To Build!

God has not put you on the shelf… You have! The Lord destined you for success. However, when you look at the task ahead, it can be overwhelming. That’s when you find all the excuses to do nothing.

Today, that Lord reaches out His hand. He desires to see you blessed. Trust in Him today and take action and watch your barren Land transform into your Garden of Eden.

Ending Note:

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Stop Your Excuses, It's Time To Build!

By Laurent Flanders

Today's Word is a confirmation for those who have doubted their call. Rise up! God has called you for His work!

Stop with the excuses! The time has come for action. This word is for those who believe God does not want to use them.

You hid and stagnated in your walk. You have always been a churchgoer and nothing more

You see yourself as unworthy. You base everything on your past experiences and failures. You carry the hurts, mindsets, and mistakes of the old generation. You listen to the enemy's lie, telling you nothing will change.

"Hear this; my servant," says the Lord. “The old has died. It is time to let it go. David got the plans for the temple, but his son Solomon built it. Stop wanting David to build!

My servant, why do you stand on fertile soil and say there is no nothing here? You think because I placed you, I must do your work. No, my child, it’s time you pick up a weapon and go hunt. Pick up a tool and go build!

I hear your excuses of why I cannot use you. Yet, I ask you, do you know why I can use you, why I am calling you?

I can use you because I parted the red sea. I’m the one who turned water into wine. I saw your worth when no one else could. My strength shows through in your weakness. So be weak, and aware that you have limitations and cannot do this alone.

You are not too young or old. I will pour my spirit upon both because each will till the soil uniquely and bring an assorted harvest. Each according to the grace I have placed in them.

Look at the barren soil I have placed you on. I already have a blueprint, and I need you to build it.

Stop with the excuses. Stop doing your own thing. The work is bigger than you! Get over yourself and build!”

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Thanks for reading!

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