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Stop Waiting, It's Your Turn!

God can only do so much, and then it’s up to you! You have prayed for expansion. The Lord blessed your desire. Yet you still pray, wondering when the Lord will move. The Lord’s not delaying things, you are.

Moses used his staff and the sea parted. His actions caused the way to open before him and to continue in the Lords will. Today He requires you to do the same. Do your part and see your dreams come true!

Stop Waiting, It's Your Turn!

By Nathan Berry

Today's Word is a call to action for the builders and planners to make their move!

This word is for you that the Lord has told to build and expand. This word is for those that have received prophecies saying, "God says, it's time to expand your territory". You know who you are and you know what the Father has spoken. This is the word you've been waiting on to shake off the doubts, stop hesitating, and to step out and get the job done!

No Need To Wait... It's Expansion Time

"Expand on the land that I've positioned you on. Stop waiting for me to tell you that it's ok to build. Stop waiting for me to tell you that I desire for you to increase, extend your tent pegs, and further the kingdom in your environment.

I've already given you instruction to expand. Now, you must put in the work to see that expansion take place, my beloved. Find ways to expand. Try new things. Ask others around you for help. Learn new skills that will beget expansion. Do whatever it takes to multiply the portion I've given you."

Establish My Kingdom!

"Do not be as the man that buried his talent. Step out. Invest. You were not placed on this land just to play it safe. You were placed in the land that I put you on so that you could bring heaven to earth in that place.

My kingdom must come to the land that you stand on. My will must be done. My works must be established. Now is the time to push hard and do whatever is necessary to force my plans to come to pass in your area. Growth must come so that I will be glorified in the place that I have positioned you", says the Lord.


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Thanks for reading!

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