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STOP! Wait On God For A Fresh Anointing

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

You didn’t fail God because you feel so dry. Rather, it’s a call to receive something new. As the year winds down, take time to listen. Your word today will propel you into a new season. For now, though - wait. Wait for the wind to blow. Wait for a new anointing.

Ending Note:

On 3rd December Colette will teach our students on Circumstantial Healing. If this season has brought up hurts you cannot shake, consider becoming a Scholar and joining us for class.

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STOP! Wait On God For A Fresh Anointing

By Michael Velthuysen

Today's Word is here to rejuvenate those who feel drained and burnt out, come and receive fresh anointing!

As I write, the Lord is showering you with a new anointing. You feel drained and not sure what to do. Today the Lord says to you;

This Is My Next Step For You!

"Indeed, I have ordained every step ahead. I am taking you out of your comfort zone into new pastures. Leave behind the old mindset. Seek my voice as I lead you in this new direction. For I am making a new way for you. I am giving you an anointing that flows from within. Today come to experience my internal anointing.

So come and sit in my presence. Let me speak to you and let my hand guide you, like a master painter. For you will see my splendor and my grace. For I will show you my internal anointing. So that it will transform you into the mighty warrior I need you to be.

Heartbeat For Christ!

Sit with me, listen to the next steps I have for you - listen to my heartbeat! For this day I say to you, take that leap of faith. Stand in boldness! Come this day and walk out the calling on your life that I have given you. Prophet, your heartbeat is My heartbeat and My people need My heartbeat. Show them the power of My anointing. As you sit longer in My presence you will embrace My heartbeat, and in doing so, you can show them Me."


1: Sit a while in His presence

2: Hear His voice and talk to Jesus

3: Embrace the internal anointing - get to know Jesus's voice

4Do this daily for 7 days - see the transformation of the anointing

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