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Stop Putting Out All Those Fires!

You can’t get wisdom while running in 7 directions. STOP! That fire is gonna burn you! So step back a bit, ok? Eloise has a powerful message for you today. Wisdom isn’t found in the heat of battle. So, see what you can do to step back.

Ending Note:

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Stop Putting Out All Those Fires!

By Eloise Flanders

Today's Word has the wisdom that you have been seeking!

“The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it and is safe.” - Proverbs 18:10

In the spirit, I see you trying to control so many fires. Exhaustion is settling in and making you weary. The Lord intends to bless your marriage, finances, and ministry. The enemy is raging war against you. Child of God, you are not defenseless.

Today the Lord is inviting you into the secret place. He wants to comfort you and give you wisdom for every one of the fires in your life today. Take a step back. Rest in this truth; you are not a victim of the enemy’s devices.

He knows and cares about the things that concern you. Take your eyes off the problems. Turn around to focus on the Lord. Activate your faith and give Him control again.

The Lord says you will be okay.

"My child, it is not the right time to rush in when the fires are raging. Come to rest. Only when you have peace will you hear wisdom crying out to you. You can't assess the size of the fire from within.

With all that you are facing today, there are solutions. The enemy wants to suffocate you. He wants to deceive you into believing that you are alone. Worry only pushes you deeper into the smoke of deception.

Step outside of the flames and allow wisdom to direct you one step at a time. You are trying so hard to control these issues alone. You have not taken the time to seek Me for direction.

Listen in to hear My voice guiding you away from the fires. Sit near the gentle stream to have clarity. Not every problem is yours to fix. Nor is it for you to handle every situation all at once.

As you overcome one problem, you will be level-headed to face the next. Allow wisdom to carry you through every test and trial that comes your way. Face each one in faith, not fear.

Give Me control of the problems in exchange for wisdom. I will not delay on My promises to cause you to walk in favor and victory today, says the Lord."

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