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Stop Fighting Your Prophetic Call!

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Everyone wants to be a prophet these days.

Everyone except for you! You’ve struggled to embrace the mantle Jesus has for you. Today is a word of confirmation. Make the decision today to accept your call.

You’re not alone! We have a team at your back! If you’ve already downloaded “I’m Not Crazy, I’m a Prophet” then your next step is to consider enrolling in our Prophetic School. No more excuses. Step up!

Love and blessings, Colette Toach P.S. If a friend sent you this word and you're interested in getting more, then click here to subscribe!

Today's Prophetic Word is for the Prophets by Michael Velthuysen

In the spirit, I saw a mighty Kingdom woman who was beginning to make a shift in her ministry. God has been calling you to step out of the background and to stand up in the front to be His mighty prophet. The Lord says:

Breaking Boundaries

“My child, for it’s time you leave the old and broken ground behind but stand on the solid ground I’ve set before you. For even as you walk you continue to stray from My path. Today, I’m calling you back to the front to stand as My forerunner to the Church.

You’ve kicked and screamed and you’ve tried to run away from this mandate I’ve placed on your life. Today I’m saying to you, My child, stop! Stop running and hiding away at the back. Come and sit at the king’s table with Me. Come and sit with the leaders and apostles of My work. Your mandate is far greater than just praying in the secret closet, My child. For indeed, I’m taking you and shifting your position to be My voice!

From Old Season to New!

Prophet, when you leave the old season, notice the circumstances that have already shifted and notice how My hand has been in your process. For when you think you’re alone, you aren’t. I stand there with you. My child, take this new leap of faith and step out into the front. This is where I need you to be placed. This is where I need you to have focus.

My child, never let the old season come in and take you away from My plan and My mandate for you. It’s of an old season and when you stand up in the front, the back doors will be shut. The way you hear My voice will become different. For that’s of the old season. Time to rise up in your mandate, My child. Rise up in your calling. This is My plan for your life,” says the Lord.

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