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Stop Fighting, You Need To Prepare The Soil

Warfare was an important lifestyle, but to make the promised land theirs, the children of Israel had to live in the land and make it home. They had to put away their weapons and start preparing the soil to produce food. Today the Lord is asking you to do the same! You have fought the good fight, now make the shift and build a future for you and your generations to enjoy!

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Stop Fighting, You Need To Prepare The Soil

By Michael Velthuysen

Today's Word is for the believers caught in constant warfare, the battle is coming to an end, and the time for building is coming.

I’ve Positioned You!

"Son, for indeed the ground that is before you is hard and needs watering. Put your weapons down, and pick up the shovel. This season ahead is for you to turn the soil. It needs my living water to run through it - but with that comes hard work and determination.

You are in the right position for my hand to do its work, so trust me to take care! It is time to plow the ground! The ground needs digging. Get it ready for my rainy season.

Get The Ground Ready!

For I am giving you steps, and obedience to walk out. You will build a city with new heights and a nation to light up the night sky. So, don’t think this work is in vain, keep plowing the field.

For every hole, you dig in the sand, a new brick is in the soil. A new strand of my DNA comes out! Get the soil ready for my next season. The city is being built - so do not waste time, on all the distractions.

As you build according to the structure I have given your leader, you will learn to see the beauty of teamwork. Be his prophet and build this city together!"

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