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Stop Feeling Guilty Because You Cannot Take Care of Everyone

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Some of us just cannot help ourselves. When we see a need, we want to help. Unfortunately, you cannot keep going at that pace! There comes a time when you must realize that you cannot do it all. God hasn't called you to do it all! This word is going to set you free today! I pray it blesses you as much as it blessed me. Love and blessings Colette Toach P.S. A good teaching for you to listen to is "How to Run the Race". Unburden yourself! Check it out here:

If You are Feeling Burdened Down Then This Prophetic Word is For You! by Chaifa Berry

When you take on the burdens of others and go beyond what God put on you, it won't be long until you get weary. You start thinking of yourself as the source, instead of God. You worry so much about how others are walking, or not walking out their calling, that you think it's all up to you to make sure they make the right choices. Then suddenly, you don't know why you feel so tired and exhausted, as if a ton of weight is on your shoulders. That is because it is!

Your walk can be light and easy, when you stick to the job God gave you. Even if you've taken on loads you shouldn't, God can set you free today:

"My child, step away from the noise for a moment, and I will give you a new perspective. For in the trenches, you lead and you take care of others, but it is when you step aside to be led and fed that you will hear Me clearly. You know the route to the greenest pastures, and you know what path leads to life, but, My child, you've forgotten that it is not up to you to be the shepherd to My people. That position belongs to Me and I have the shoulders to carry it. So, put down the burden to make sure every sheep I bring you walks in My ways. For your task is to bring each one under My covering, but you cannot force them to walk as I walk.

You are the shepherd who brings them to the green pasture and the still waters, but I am the true shepherd who gives life and covers each one.

I've given you a yoke that is easy, that though it still be a weight and a yoke, it is one you have the grace to carry. You have brought each one into My pasture and that is all I ask of you, My child. You've done your part and you have succeeded. Now My work in them can go deeper. I will carry them, just as I've carried you, led you, and taken care of your every need. So do I also carry them on My shoulders. So, let go as I carry each one and do a deep work in them," says the Lord.

Project: To help you truly let go, here is a project you can do:

1. Identify where you are trying to be the Holy Spirit in others. (i.e. always stepping in to make sure they don't make a mistake or miss God, because they "will not get it themselves")

2. Lift each person to the Lord and leave them in His green pastures. Commit to letting go and getting out of the way!

3. Let go and get into His presence daily. Go be the sheep and get a new perspective daily!

Check out for more!

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