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Step Out Today With What You Have, And The Lord Will Fill The Gaps

The Lord does not need a perfect vessel… only a willing one! How many more excuses will you give the Lord? Step out today with what you have and allow the Lord to change you along the way. You are the right person for the Job!

Ending Note:

Are you a scholar yet? If so, join me on 3rd December when my wife, Apostle Colette Toach will teach on circumstantial healing. It’s Christmas and I know that it brings up A LOT. Did you know that the Lord is already arranging to heal though? Come and receive healing

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Step Out Today With What You Have, And The Lord Will Fill The Gaps

By Eloise Flanders

Today's Word is for the believers struggling with doubt, this is your confirmation!

The Lord showed me a picture of you standing in ruins. The air was thick with hopelessness. Many have grown weary from running the race. He says to you today, ignite hope and bring healing to My people.

My child, you can not be swayed. Hold fast to My word. Allow it to direct you. His will move you to action, and His love keeps you anchored. There is no way you can fail this mission.

Be Unwavering In Your Pursuit To Bring Hope To God's People.

"My child, You have been fruitful in small things. With every test, you have proven yourself to be faithful. I am trusting you with another assignment. You are ready to take on this charge.

I took time to make you ready to answer the cry of My people. You will continue to grow as I reveal more on this journey. But for now, you have all you need to walk my people through inner healing and developing intimacy with Me.

Healing Takes Time.

The door is open before you. Take up the mantle. They must know a face-to-face relationship with me is tangible. Teach them to deal with warfare correctly and to give me license to restore what the enemy stole from them.

Be patient with my sheep, do not rush the process. Harvest the good of the land and the potential in those you meet. I am confident you will make significant progress. They will rise and do the same for others.

A Healed People Will Restore Unity.

When healing comes, so will unity. Faith in Me will be renewed. My people will recognize the real enemy. Many fear Me because they see me as one who punishes.

I have never withheld the truth from my church. My desire is for them to know Me as their Lord. I am just in everything I do. I will always come to their rescue. I will send people like you to reveal My heart and to heal the land, says the Lord."

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