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Spiritual Weather Forecast January 14th

Updated: Jan 13

What is God doing right now? A report from prayer warriors all over the world.

“Surely the Lord God does nothing unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.” - Amos 3:7

This weekly report is from TMI’s network of trained prayer warriors, all over the globe. See what God is doing in the marketplace, in marriages, in the Church, and the world around you.

These round-the-clock intercession reports are compiled and reported to you by your Spiritual Weather Girl, Chaifa Berry.

Coming to you live from TMI Headquarters, here were the main decrees of the week:

  • A Call to the Prophets to Spiritual Birthing

  • The Need for Apostolic Teams

  • Finances and Ministry. Why You Must Fight.

A Call to the Prophets to Spiritual Birthing

“The baby’s sister (Mariam) then stood at a distance, watching to see what would happen to him.” Exodus 2:4

Just as Mariam watched over Moses to ensure his fate, God calls on His prophets to fortify a prayer wall. It is for the prophets to birth and protect the apostolic movement.

The coming-of-age era of the prophet is over. The prophetic movement has reached maturity. This marks the era of the apostolic movement.

Apostles are coming out of the woodwork, and with them, blueprints to advance God’s Kingdom. Those blueprints won't be established without a fight.

Here are reports of what prophets are seeing in the spirit:

“I saw a shift taking place. Apostles rose to take their place. Then the Church turned away from the world, to receive what God’s apostles had. No longer was the church looking to the world, but the world looked to the Church for answers.” - E.F.

“I called out to Moses’ and Josephs’. I called out those rejected by their own cultures and people. They were apostles hiding in the wilderness. They were rejected because of the pattern God gave them. Then the Lord told me to prepare the way for them. He said, ‘The Church needs a new revolution, a breakthrough to take place in My church.’” - D.V.

“Just as John the Baptist prepared the way for Jesus, He calls prophets to do the same. They are to have the same humility as John. They are to prepare the way for someone greater than them. I established the prayer wall and called the prophets to arm. It’s time this mighty duo comes together to build and establish.” - C.B.

The Need for Apostolic Teams

Another theme of the week was God’s emphasis on teamwork!

A mandate cannot succeed with one man. The weight of the Church is heavy. God’s message was clear: Those that continue to work alone will fail. For those that realize they need a team, God will send the team members.

Intercessors did warfare to birth and establish new apostolic teams.

Here are a few of the intercession reports:

“I saw apostles that were stuck in the weeds and the dirt. They were doing all the work, not knowing how to use their team. They were afraid to step back. They're frustrated with not reaching their goals. The Lord called them to get back to the head of the line. It’s time to step into their authority as apostles and establish their team. As they did, they saw progress.” - A.C.

“I saw many leaders working through problems with their team. It wasn’t comfortable, but as they pushed through - they looked back and saw how much ground they had gained for God. He said to them, ‘Because you have committed your works to me, and you have stepped out in obedience, I will establish your plans. What you desire, it is yours.’” - C.B.

“I decreed death to old visions that some of God’s leaders were holding onto. I decreed that it’s time to stop mourning the loss and to turn their eyes to what the Lord had for them in the Promised Land. I was also led to severe relationships and connections in their heart that held them back. As they let go, God began to bring team members to help them build the new vision .” - E.F.

Finances And Ministry Why You Must Fight?

"Finances are 90% warfare and 10% faith." - Apostle Colette Toach

If you had finances to waste, you’d make bigger plans for your ministry. You’d step out to walk on water. That’s why the enemy stands in your way. It’s time to break free of making decisions based on finances, instead of obedience to God.

This week prayer warrior’s got into their prayer closets to do warfare on your behalf. God’s message is clear: His will is for you to experience blessing, but you must take your stand.

Here are a few of the prayer reports:

“God says these are your finances, that I’ve laid up for you. Will you fight for it, or will you let the devil take it? This is wealth stored up for your vision. Don’t accept theft. Take your stand!” - C.B.

“I saw finances that were meant to be sown into His Kingdom, but it was stolen by the enemy. So, I did warfare and the Lord showed me a table of provision that never runs out.

I exposed the enemy’s tactic and commanded Pharaoh to bow and let the finances go. I decreed the funds that were held up.” - E.F.

End Note:

This week's theme was all about teamwork and the rise of the apostles. You cannot say "apostle" without saying "team".

2023 is the year of action. It is the season to take ground. But you will not succeed alone. What is your mandate and what relationships does it require for success?

Take time to notice the co-laborers around you, and invest in establishing a team.

Then - don't let the devil take your finances! The Kingdom of God is at hand.

Signing off - Your Spiritual Weather Girl,

Chaifa Berry

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