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Spiritual Forecast Report March 4th

What has God done this week? Your weekly report from TMI’s network of prayer warriors, all over the world.

“Surely the Lord God does nothing unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.” - Amos 3:7

This week, these were the main themes picked up by intercessors:

  • Apostles, Lead the Way!

  • No Soldier Left Behind

  • TMI Prayer Wall - Where the Future Is Born

Apostles, Lead the Way!

“And so I have made it my aim to preach the gospel, not where Christ was named, lest I should build on another man’s foundation,” - Romans 15:20

Apostles, it's in your DNA to create the trend, not follow it.

This week God lifts the weight of obligation off your shoulders. Many will try and push you into a mold. The Church has a clear picture of what it believes an apostle is and should do.

Don’t get swept up in the status quo. Stand in your unique spiritual DNA and do what God said to do.

This week the prophets nudge you back into your lane:

“The Lord showed me a vision of many of his apostles on a field. They were cutting into each other's lane. There was chaos because they weren't focused on their land. I straightened the lines, so each apostle would get back into their field." Anne C., Johannesburg, South Africa

"I saw many warriors that God positioned to take their territory. But many wanted to build in the same location. Then I saw a wind blow and swept some out into a new area. They were confused, but then God gave them vision." - Victor L., Dubai, Asia

No Soldier Left Behind

“No man left behind.” That’s the motto of today's army, and so it is in the Body of Christ.

Intercessors pick up the burden to lift up the wounded warriors on the battlefield. Prophets have been taken out before their assignment begins. And so, this week, intercessors combat the spirit of Jezebel. This is the spirit that threatens to destroy the prophetic movement.

The message to the prophets: “Get healed. Get back up. It's time to go to work.”

Here are a few reports:

"The Lord had me intercede for the prophets under attack from the Jezebel spirit. I felt so much grief for them. They disengaged in their call due to fear and warfare. Some are powerful but have not been equipped. They've given up before they've started. I prayed for them until I felt the oppression lift." - Tommie O., Texas, USA

"I called warriors to arise from the ashes of depression and discouragement. They must put on the full armor of God. They must pick up their weapons and stand against the wiles of the devil. God has called them to pick up the assignment the Lord has given them and to do spiritual warfare. They must get to work." - Pam D., New York, USA

"I saw a highway that had black ice on it. Many cars had slid off of it. I knew in my spirit that these battle-wearied prophets were in much need of respite. So, I called the engines to revive. Then I removed debris and sanded the roads. Each car pulled out one after another and began their travel again." Tommie O., Texas, USA

TMI Prayer Wall - Where the Future Is Born

The TMI Prayer Wall is where the future Church comes to be born. When you pray on this wall, you pick up its mandate to take the Church from an old mentality into a new one.

So, it’s no surprise that the prophets came up against mindsets that resist change. There’s a new way of leadership. The time of the one-man show is over. Pride and vainglory must go.

This week, the prophets lead us into the future. But first, they bash down the resistance in our flesh:

“I saw a group of workers/apostles stepping out with shovels over their shoulders. They appeared young and eager. As the vision changed, I saw those same leaders, but older now and weary. A new generation came alongside of them. They carried a tool belt with the tools the Lord had given them.

The older ones did not take the tools they had. I tore down the spirit of pride and vainglory. I saw the blinders removed so that they could grab hold of the new tools.” - Crystal C., Minnesota, USA

"I saw reservoirs that should be empty so that they may be filled. The Lord said that these are His apostles that hold on to tradition and self-made standards. Yet they love Him so much. He led me to pray that these leaders would empty their vessels, that He may fill them up with new wine." - Mai P. W., Monrovia, Liberia

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