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Spiritual Forecast Report March 25th

The TMI Prayer Wall - Where The Future Church is Born

“Then He said to them all, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me.” - Luke 9:23

Many hirelings have come into the Church and torn Her down. It’s easy to see the cracks and imperfections in the leaders, but will you pay the price to lead the Church?

Will you answer to the Father, on her behalf? Will you wipe away her tears or take the lashings for Her?

The price the Father asked Jesus to pay for His Bride wasn’t cheap. He sent Him to His death on the cross. If you’re called to the fivefold ministry, He will ask you to pay the same. You’ll be broken, and your flesh crucified. You’ll sweat drops of blood in the Garden of Gethsemane. It’s when you give your blood, sweat, and tears for the Bride, that you love Her. You qualify to lead Her, in Christ.

You pick up your cross daily, and the day you don’t is the day you disqualify yourself.

This week, God reminds us that He does the tearing down, not us. Our job is to die to our flesh. It’s through our brokenness, that His power pours out to bring healing, and advancement of His Kingdom.

This week’s prayers centered around this message.

These were the main themes picked up by intercessors:

  • Why God Positions You in Dry Places and Why You Must Stay

  • Increase Your Anointing When You Do This

  • Receive an Impartation of the Healing Balm of Gilead

Why God Positions You in Dry Places and Why You Must Stay

"So Solomon rebuilt the city of Gezer. He also built up the towns of Lower Beth-horon, 18 Baalath, and Tamar in the wilderness within his land. 19 He built towns as supply centers and constructed towns where his chariots and horses could be stationed. He built everything he desired in Jerusalem and Lebanon and throughout his entire realm." - 1 Kings 9: 17 - 19

David conquered many lands, but it was desolate. It was only when Solomon built great cities on the land, that Israel became a great nation. They knew peace on all sides. Israel was healthy and fruitful.

When you see the barren land, do you prophesy over it? Do you bring life? Do you see only desolation, or do you offer your skills, talents, and anointing to bring life?

God positions you in dry places so you can take the conquered land and bring it to life. You're positioned to bring revival where you are.

These were some of the visions the prophets saw this week:

"I saw a part of God's city that used to be the center of town. There was a large fountain that was dry and empty. The weeds were overgrown. I saw deserted wheelbarrows. The Lord told me to restore the city. I began to string up cafe lights. We pulled out a banquet table and began to clean up. Then I heard the breaker switch and the power in the city came to life. The fountain shot up with colorful lights that lit up the sky." - Bethany S., Alabama, USA

"In prayer, I released a stream to run down a mountain that flowed into a valley. The valley was a hard, dry, desert. There were few animals. In the middle of the valley, I saw a small, weathered shack. Then the vision changed. Small blades of grass shot up from the ground. Trees had an abundance of leaves. A variety of animals now inhabited the once barren land." - Pam D., New York, USA

"The Lord gave this word to his leaders, 'Up until now you've been finding your way through the undergrowth. You've looked towards others to approve of your work and acknowledge your accomplishments. Yet, I have not called you to look or act like others. You have been set apart for a reason. The season you now step into is one I've prepared you for a lifetime. Now is the time to step out and build.'" - Delene V. W., Hungary, Europe

Increase Your Anointing When You Do This

“He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, ‘From his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.’” - John 7:38

Have you hit a roadblock in your ministry? Do you feel stuck? Has the anointing and strategies from the past stopped working?

Your stream of anointing runs dry because God wants to give you a new stream of living waters. This only comes when you cry out to God, and that comes when you’ve hit a roadblock.

So, if you’re hitting wall after wall in your spiritual growth, praise God. He’s breaking you out of your complacency, so His power may pour out of you.

Intercessors see new roadmaps, strategies, and anointing released from heaven. As you cry out to God for an increase of power, He answers you with fire, and not in the way you expect.

Here are prayer reports that came in from the prophets:

"I saw a vision of an apostle with a book in their hands. The Lord said, 'This book contains old strategies. The natural knowledge you accumulated, and your perspective will not work. This is a fresh move of mine, and you need a fresh plan. It will not be familiar to you. It will not make sense to you, but it is indeed, what I am bringing to fruition." - Tiffany B. Montana, USA

"I saw a vision of a massive reservoir of clear blue water. It was underneath the ground. On top, there was a thick layer of land that had several individual springs shooting up. I began to break up the ground and remove this layer. As I continued to pray in tongues, I saw the ground break. Nothing but water was remaining. I cleared the last of the debris from the water until it was deep blue and pure to drink from. Then I saw God's people drink and share from the pool without fear of contamination." - Bethany S., Alabama, USA

“The Lord is showing me that there is an evolution occurring not only in our Apostles but in those around them. As they are being called higher, so are those who are yoked with them. There is an evolution occurring in the Apostle's roles. Even how the Lord needs them to relate to one another is changing, as He is growing them for the next big move of God. I saw roles shifting and more responsibility being distributed. I saw the Apostles having to let go of some things to go higher and a need to rely on the power of God like never before.” - Tommmie O., Texas, USA

"My people are hungry for my Word, but who will deliver it to them? Rise, apostles and prophets, and carry my Word to wherever I have called your feet to go. Rise and take your place among those who have gone before you. The workers of old are weary and travel-worn. They need a breath of fresh wind and anointing. So I breathe new life into them. I send you out. I call you to bring a new anointing to the land of my people." - Crystal C. Minnesota, USA

Receive the Healing Balm of Gilead

“Is there no balm in Gilead, Is there no physician there? Why then is there no recovery? For the health of the daughter of my people?” - Jeremiah 8:22

Jesus is anointed to heal broken hearts. He comes with the healing balm of Gilead to restore hope to dreams that were shattered. He comes to heal us from the painful memories of our past.

This healing balm is not hidden away in heaven, it’s inside of you. The Lord has anointed you to heal His Bride from her wounds. You can release this healing balm from within your spirit.

You can speak to the hurts of His people and put their pain to rest.

This week, intercessors speak healing into the hearts of God’s people. They also release the anointing for inner healing to those who have cried out for it. He put a desire in you to heal, so you would seek Him for it, that He would answer you.

Here are the visions the prophets saw:

"I saw a vision of Jesus weeping over broken hearts. He said that these are the ones that won't let His tears in to heal their wounds. I felt His heart for them and began to weep. To heal, each one must let the Lord near. You must give Him your whole heart, not just the strong parts. I called each one to be vulnerable to receive their healing from Jesus." - Ruth J., Georgia, USA

"I saw a beautiful green field with plenty of flowers and trees. Bees were flying all around to gather nectar and pollen into their hives. The hives were so full of honey that they flowed out onto the ground like a river. Then I saw people with jars scoop up the honey and give it to those they ministered to. Everyone healed that tasted the honey. The jars never emptied no matter how much was poured out." - Crystal C., Minnesota, USA

End Note:

Oil comes from crushing olives. It is hard-pressed to extract the oil within it.

Likewise, you must be crushed to release the anointing within you. Be encouraged by the pressures that come upon you. Through it, an increase in anointing will come. The power to heal the broken and set the captives free is worth it.

Though your flesh is crucified, your spirit comes to life. This week God reminds us of the power of His anointing and the call to live a life submitted to Him.

In the week ahead, may you be crushed and an increase in anointing seen in your life. May you bless all those around you.

In His Love and Joy,

Chaifa Berry

Next Gen Prophets

Toach Ministries International

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