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Spiritual Forecast Report January 28th

What is God doing right now? Your weekly report from TMI’s network of trained prayer warriors, all over the world.

“Surely the Lord God does nothing unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.” - Amos 3:7

See what God is doing in the marketplace, in marriages, in the Church, and the world around you. These round-the-clock intercession reports are compiled and reported to you from TMI Headquarters.

These were the main themes the prophets picked up this week:

  • Lead With Boldness When You Shut Down the Enemy’s Voice

  • God’s Pattern for Apostolic Collaboration

  • Meet Your Goals When You Put This On the Altar

Lead With Boldness When You Shut Down the Enemy’s Voice

“The tempter came to him and said, “If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread.” Matthew 4:3

The devil questions your identity when you’re at your weakest. Don’t fall for his trap. If you try and prove yourself instead of believing what God says about you, you’ll remain in the wilderness.

Many leaders have overstayed their time in the wilderness. They don’t believe what God says about them. This week, intercessors go to war on your behalf. The devil is in your ear, but you don’t have to believe him. If God says you are ready to lead, then you’re ready to lead.

You are called. You are chosen. You are the son of God. You don’t need to turn stones into bread to prove it.

This week the prophets go to war, so that God’s leaders may come out of the wilderness, and lead with boldness:

“I heard the phrase ‘psychological warfare’. I saw the enemy reach into the hearts of God’s leaders to pull out mistakes they’ve made. He used their hurts to keep them down. In their minds were old doctrines of what they believed about themselves. I smashed these doctrines and exposed the voice of the enemy.” A.C.

“I saw the enemy lying to Davidic apostles. I heard lies like, ‘No, you’re not ready. You need more processing. You are too young. You haven’t succeeded enough. No, you’ve failed before.’ The Lord had me cut through those lies so that they could hear God’s voice instead. Then I saw the Lord reach into their hearts and heal them.’” D.J.

God’s Pattern for Apostolic Collaboration

“I saw a network that reached across the world. It was a net that covered the entire earth. God had me establish an apostolic network - a collaboration of apostles.” C.B.

With the apostolic era in infancy, apostles have trained in secret, even in isolation. Yet, God’s pattern is that His apostles collaborate and support one another. Collaboration and accountability were the patterns of the original apostles. So too, He calls his apostles to run side-by-side.

Each one has had its fire, and as they connect, they exchange wisdom. Each one has gold to bring to the table. God’s plan speeds ahead. Collaboration is efficient.

The prophets call for collaboration among the apostles:

“While interceding, I saw the Lord call each one of His apostles to receive short-cut keys. These short-cuts would accelerate them into their mandate. God said his apostles are taking too long, trying to figure it out themselves. Instead, they must come together in collaboration and move forward.” C.B.

“I saw the Lord place each apostle into the secret place, to receive wisdom from Him. He imparted strategies and instructions to each one’s success. I continued to pray this through. I called each one into His presence to hear His secrets. They will not come out empty-handed, but will have the wisdom to offer.” B.S.

Meet Your Goals When You Put This On the Altar

We all want to get rid of our weaknesses, but nobody runs to put their strengths on the altar! Yet, it is the boasts you have in your strengths that keep you in an old season.

Who you were, was good for the job required in the old season. But today, the gold medals of yesterday cannot save you. God requires a new identity so that you be successful in the field He’s positioned you in today.

As the prophets intercede, they see achievements as the biggest hindrance to entering into a new season. It’s time to let go of the strengths you’ve hidden behind and to be weak once again. Through your weakness, He empowers you with a new strength needed for this season.

These are their prayer reports:

“In the spirit, I was surrounded by hills. On each hill was a tablet of stone. These stone tablets were accomplishments of His leaders. Then He led me to smash every single stone tablet. As I smashed the tablets, I saw His leaders rise in their place.” E.F.

“I saw fivefold ministry leaders trying to use the same tools and strategies that succeeded in past seasons. They no longer worked. The glory of yesterday belongs to yesterday. As each one gave up their old tools, they felt naked, but God came and covered them. He became their strength.” C.B.

End Note:

“For we who worship by the Spirit of God are the ones who are truly circumcised. We rely on what Christ Jesus has done for us. We put no confidence in human effort,” Philippine 3: 3

This week God reminds us that we must rely on Him. The enemy will attack your identity. You can’t rely on what you feel, but on what you know God has said about you. He also reminds us to stay on the altar. Our strength is in Him, not our abilities. When our strengths are not submitted to Him, we stay in an old season.

He also called His apostles to collaborate. Efficiency comes from collaboration. When apostles connect, God’s plans on earth accelerate.

I pray these reports to encourage you to move forward in your call.

With Love and Blessings,

Signing off - Your Spiritual Weather Girl,

Chaifa Berry

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