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Spiritual Forecast Report - January 21st

What is God doing right now? A report from prayer warriors all over the world.

“Surely the Lord God does nothing unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.” - Amos 3:7

This weekly report is from TMI’s network of trained prayer warriors, all over the globe. See what God is doing in the marketplace, in marriages, in the Church, and the world around you.

These round-the-clock intercession reports are compiled and reported to you by your Spiritual Weather Girl, Chaifa Berry.

Coming to you live from TMI Headquarters, here are this week’s themes:

  • Resurrection is a choice - Lazarus come forth!

  • Your call to spearhead the next move of God.

  • It’s time to give sickness the smackdown!

Resurrection Is A Choice - Lazarus Come Forth!

The prophets continue to see old visions, resurrected.

Many leaders have gone through failure. You’ve shut down ministry doors. You’ve taken inventory of what you lost. You let go and moved on. Yet, a new opportunity arises, but this time, the same zeal you had isn’t there.

You remember the sting of failure. You trigger to bad experiences and so you look upon that door with fear and trembling.

God says, “Get out of your grave clothes! It’s time to walk through this door.”

Your ministry vision had to go through the fire, to burn away the dross of your ideas. You’re not the same person you were before. Time to complete God’s vision.

Here’s what the prophets saw:

“I saw an exhausted man from a long journey. A tattered blueprint was in his hands. Then the Lord washed him with water and removed his worn-out garments. He placed a new priestly robe on his shoulders. Then He sent him on his way, with a fresh perspective on the work he needed him to do. Now he had the power to do it.” B.S.

“In prayer, I saw a vision of a man in grave clothes. God commanded him to rise from his grave. Every inkling of fire he had - gone. He had failed many times over, but now, God called him to rise to his feet. The vision he carries now beats with God’s heartbeat and not his own. Now, he was ready to build.” C.B.

Your Call To Spearhead The Next Move Of God.

The era of the one-man show is dead.

Each one of the fivefold has a piece of God’s plan to contribute. Whether to receive a blueprint, build, support, or birth, we are a team. Intercessors called each one into position. If you’re not where you’re supposed to be, you leave your post and delay God’s plan.

As the fivefold ministry comes together, a mighty team assembles. Each one stands in their super-power. Together, there is nothing they can’t do for God.

Intercessors put each fivefold in their position:

“While interceding the Lord said, ‘The fire I’ve given each leader has been contained, until now. For I have purified the works of their hands to bring forth rich fruit. Now I will give each one a piece to contribute to establish my plans.’ Then I saw many scrolls with instructions on them. I released them to each leader, to contribute their piece.” B.S.

“I saw apostles as spearheads, and their teams, the shafts that supported them. Together these teams had enough force to pierce through the enemy’s walls. Together they ushered the Church into a new era of blessing. I heard a ‘click’ when the Lord said He has locked each fivefold into position. As a unified team, they took much ground for His Kingdom.” A.C.

“I saw apostles move forward with vision, but there was a lot of attack from the enemy. Then I saw their teams unite to cover them. One was a shield, another a sword, and another a belt. Together they covered their apostles from the enemy’s attack. God’s plan was well protected.” A.C.

It’s time to give sickness the smackdown!

COVID put a high demand on warfare against sickness and disease.

Prophets rose to the occasion and fought back. Satan has used sickness to distract God’s leaders, or if possible, take them out. As God lifts a standard, intercessors see sickness as a person. It must be invited and it must be kicked out.

Prophets stand in faith with those under attack. They link arms and strategize to fight back!

Here are a few of the visions they saw:

“I saw sickness as a person. He received license every time his attacks were accepted as normal. He came with gifts to offer those that received him in their home. He gave gifts of empathy, and he offered excuses to hide from pressure. To some, he blindfolded them so they wouldn’t see his strategy. Each one of these gifts gave the enemy fuel to attack. I stood with God’s people, and took the blinders off their eyes.” C.B.

“The Lord showed me Apollyon - the ruler of sickness. Apollyon sent plagues to God’s people, and he targeted God’s leaders. I drew my sword and did warfare on their behalf. I called each one who fell prey to sickness, to take up their mats and walk! Then I sang over them and released healing over their bodies.” E.F.

End Note:

God sees the end from the beginning. When He called you, He made room for your weaknesses. This week, He reminds you to believe in His power, more than your weaknesses.

Where you think you’ve failed, you’ve only been processed. He still has work for you to do. Resurrect and fulfill your call. Show up at your post.

Lastly, sickness is not part of your inheritance. Satan comes with gifts, so beware and do not accept them. Stand and kick him out!

Signing Off - Your Spiritual Weather Girl,

Chaifa Berry

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