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So You Made A Bad Move. It’s Ok, The Lord Jesus Says He’s Got You

Updated: May 20, 2022

We all mess up! Stop beating yourself up about it ok? While you try to fix it yourself, you lose out on what God wants to do. Allow Jesus to help you fix your mistake today. The Lord doesn’t judge you. Rather, He stands with His hands outstretched, ready to help. Let Him help! Love and blessings, Craig and Colette Toach P.S. Are you part of the community? Collaborate, receive and impart in our Community of Apostles and Prophets

Do you feel overwhelmed by a big decision? Then this prophetic word is for YOU! by Denise Jordan

When I came to write to you today, the Lord showed me a vision of someone on a roller coaster who wasn’t enjoying their ride at all. That person seems to have hopped on that ride without taking time to count the cost first, and therefore the ride was rough... but you know how it is with roller coasters. Once you’re on it, you can’t get off. However, don’t despair.

Regardless of whether you’ve gone on a ride this year that you went on unprepared, or you’re getting ready to make decisions for the ride ahead of you, the Lord has a word for you today. As you read it, let your regrets fall off your back, and get ready to run into His presence to prepare for the ride ahead. He’s saying to you:

"I know, My beloved, that there were a few times in this past season when you clipped into a ride unprepared. You thought it would be a good idea to take this direction, because circumstances pointed to that decision, your friends and family all cheered for you to take that direction, and you believed that it was a smart move. Yet, in your heart you were unsettled, and not fully convinced. You jumped on because you wanted to get moving and please those around you. I want you to know that it’s completely okay. I don’t hold it against you, and you didn’t mess up the plans I had for you. Let the regret go, but take My hand now, and prepare for the ride ahead in My presence, child.

It’s important that you count the cost of what you’re saying yes to before you say it! Because once you commit and are on that ride... it’s almost impossible to get out. Once you’re clipped in, you have no choice but to go with it. You have to just lean into the turns, and go with the flow of every twist. There is no turning back. You can’t unclip yourself and leave your seat. You can only look ahead and keep going until the ride is over.

So, take the time you need in this coming season of quiet reflection to sit with Me and to count the cost. Look at it. Taste it. Feel it. Imagine it, and when you commit, do so with your spirit, soul and body alike. Go all in! You got this, My beloved!”

Never feel pushed to make decisions. If you feel but an ounce of hesitation in your spirit, rather stop and run back into the Lord’s presence before you say yes. The Lord Jesus is our good shepherd, and He leads us to still waters, and green meadows. He doesn’t force or push, never forget that! That way, you will enjoy the ride, and won’t have to stress over it, okay?

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