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SINGLES ONLY! God has a word about your wedding day

I couldn’t afford a wedding dress. Craig and I couldn’t afford a honeymoon. We didn’t care! The only thing that mattered was our commitment to spend our lives together. On our 20th wedding anniversary, we had a vow renewal. We got the dress, flowers, and a long-awaited honeymoon!

My point is that the things you think matter for a great marriage often... doesn’t! Our wedding was imperfect, according to convention. It didn’t matter! Keeping to the rules doesn’t make for a great marriage. JESUS makes for a great marriage. I love how direct this prophetic word is. It isn’t for everyone. If you have cried out to God this week about when you’ll be married, it’s for YOU!

Ending Note:

I must point you towards my teaching on Essentials for the New Move. This series will take you on a faith journey that will lead you to your spouse. Work through each challenging audio! It will strip the old and impart powerful hope!

SINGLES ONLY! God Has a Word About Your Wedding Day

By Deborah-Anne Velthuysen

Today's word is for those preparing themselves for marriage.

This week, the Lord gave me a word for those ready to get married

I saw you standing at the wedding altar. Your face beamed with excitement, but you had on old wedding garments. Some places were too long, others too short. Your hair was a mess, and you stood alone.

You waited for someone to join you. Then, I saw the Lord smile at you and offer His hand. Your smile dropped, but the Lord led you to the fitting room. Here He washed you. Cut your hair, styled it, and then dressed you in wedding garments. Tailormade for you.

As you looked in the mirror to gaze at His reflection, I heard Him say,

"My child, the time for your wedding has not come yet. Neither you nor your spouse is ready, and I have much preparation left to do. Step away from the altar. Allow me to wash off your ideas of what kind of spouse I have for you.

I have someone much better in mind for you. I will work on the two of you until you are perfect and ready to meet. Allow me to work on your image and character. I will be gentle but swift, and you'll lack for nothing.

Let me cleanse your soul. Your spouse will not be able to bring healing or meet the needs of your heart. Only I can do that. I desire to give you someone to enjoy life with instead. They're not to be your ministry partner or support.

I'll give you someone who's the opposite of you. Who'll pull you out of your comfort zones. Live life with you, and together the two of you will explore the goodness of this life I gave you.

So let down the wedding veils for a season. Take your eyes off the altar, and allow me to heal you. To meet every need and prepare you for your perfect half."

Marriage is a gift. Don't rush your time of preparation. The Lord knows who and what you need. Enjoy every moment of discovery and shaping - it'll take you one step closer to your spouse!

Marriage Preparation Project

Do these two steps this week to help you prepare for marriage:

Step 01: Make a Spouse Checklist (throw away the old and start a new list if you already have one)

a. List 3-5 spiritual traits your spouse must have

b. List 3-5 character traits your spouse must have

c. List 3-5 physical traits your spouse must have

d. Bring that list to the Lord and submit it into His hands

e. Forget about it!

Example: Don't over-spiritualize, be honest! These are some of the traits I put on my list:

  • Must love the Lord

  • Must love my family

  • Must be fit and know how to take care of his physical body

  • Must be taller than me and have blue eyes

  • Must be Asian or love all things Asian (I love my sushi, Japanese teas, and Asian foods)

Step 02: Take Steps to Prepare for Marriage

a. Work on your image! Get fit and healthy to attract your spouse.

b. Dress up! Add a little extra "oomph" to your daily routine.

c. Be personable! You never know where you may meet your spouse. Work on your T.R.E.A.T.

d. Put faith into action! Adjust your daily habits to include other people! Set an extra plate, get up earlier to make breakfast, etc.

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