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Resist That Opposition Immediately Because it is Not of the Lord!

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

If the enemy cannot make you do his bidding… he will try to distract you from the path. Do not allow him access today. This word is going to set you straight! Love and blessings, Colette Toach

Are you feeling distracted by the enemy? Then this prophetic word is for YOU! by Denise Jordan

God gave you a clear vision to pursue, and you are well on your way, walking out His direction. When I came to pray for you today, the Lord showed me a vision. I saw you walking up a mountain, but, encountering a stretch of road covered in thick, almost blinding fog. Your first instinct was to sit down and wait a while to see if the fog would pass, or determine whether you should turn around to find a different path. However, I hear the Lord giving you fresh, clear instructions as to how to navigate this stretch of road. He’s saying to you today:

Push Through the Fog

“My child, the fog that is surrounding you, is not of Me. The enemy sent it to distract you, in the hopes that you would sit down and stop moving. He is trying to dissuade you from progressing, and wants to wear you out. So, wake up, beloved. This is a call to action! Raise your sword, shine your light, and continue to move forward despite this hindrance. Stand in faith, knowing that I will protect you and won’t let any harm come to you. Even when you feel like you cannot really see where you are stepping, I’ve got your back. Even as My hand was upon Moses and the Israelites when they had to cross the Red Sea, so is My hand upon you now.

Persevere to Discover My Peace

Don’t allow the enemy to lure you away from My plans. Don’t allow him to lull you to sleep. Don’t give in to the lies attacking your mind that suggest that you aren’t strong enough yet to navigate this fog. Don’t give into the temptation to rest, for it’s when you push through in My power that you will find My peace.

My peace surpasses all understanding, and you will experience that peace, when you are firmly walking out the vision I've given you. The moment you get off that path, doubt, unrest, and even striving will set in. Don’t give into those wiles the enemy has set up like a trap before you. Instead, get up and walk!

You Aren’t Alone

When you feel weary, or your eyes burn from trying to focus, tap into My strength and wisdom within and continue to walk. As you persevere and keep your focus on the path I’ve told you to walk upon, the fog will dissipate and clarity will come.

As you press on in faith with your eyes firmly on My promise, I will come to your aid. I will empower you, and will send helpers to come and support you. You are not alone on this journey even though I’ve given you a specific assignment to complete. Know that My protection is upon you, and that as you keep walking in obedience your steps are indeed ordered by Me,” says the Lord.

Tip - Opposition Can Be a Good Sign

Whenever you encounter opposition as you walk out your God-given calling, take heed. Don’t just take this as a sign that you must have missed God somewhere and thus stop moving forward. Rather, take a moment to get clarity in the presence of the Lord. Oftentimes, opposition comes at you because you are on the right track and the enemy is desperate to stop you.

Remember, peace comes when you fulfill the vision He’s given you. It’s what gets you out of bed in the morning, no matter what. So, if you suddenly feel unrest, or doubt that doesn’t make sense, stop and refocus!

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