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Religion Is Killing Your Relationship With Jesus

We all reach our limits. As you reach yours today, where are you looking for answers? Your answers lie in the Secret Place, not your great ideas. Today’s word challenges you to get back to basics. Run back to Jesus. Run back into His presence. Your answers aren’t in opinion or man’s ideals. Jesus is waiting for you.

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Religion Is Killing Your Relationship With Jesus

By Eloise Flanders

Today's Word is your invitation to return to the basics of your relationship with Jesus.

"I would like to learn just one thing from you: Did you receive the Spirit by the works of the law, or by believing what you heard?" - Galatians 3:2

Lack of intimacy with the Lord robs you from walking by the Spirit. It was by faith you believed in Jesus, and in faith, your relationship with the Lord developed. Religion kills relationships with the Lord.

Today He welcomes you to the secret place to know the truth. The Lord wants to free you from the law that holds you captive. Today you can be free to worship the Father in Spirit and truth.

Allow Me To Make You At Liberty To Love.

"My child, my wisdom is profound, and my understanding is vast. I desire to reveal myself to you to renew your mind and set you free. I am not bound to space and time. Neither are you.

I made a way to break the chains of bondage. Your faith in Me will expose the lies you believed for so long. Doctrines of man caused your heart to be callused. I will remove your stony heart to be at liberty to love.

I Will Remove The Scales From Their Eyes.

Why do you seek answers from man? By faith, you can experience my presence and walk in victory. Allow me to open your eyes to see from my perspective. I desire to give you hope for the future.

Search for wisdom, get knowledge and seek out understanding. Freely I will give the answers you need. With every step you take towards intimacy with me, the more of myself I will reveal to you, says the Lord."

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