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Reject The Devil's Shame And Bless God's People

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“There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit.” - Romans 8:1

As one commissioned by the Lord Jesus, you don’t stand alone. Let that sink in, and find peace in that. The Lord knows you inside and out, yet still covers and uses you to bless His people. It’s you and the devil, that cannot let go of your shame.

Today, stop trying to fix the past. Rather step out under covering and bless someone. It’s in those times, that I’ve received the greatest healing. It’s time you experience that too!

Ending Note:

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Reject The Devil's Shame And Bless God's People

By Deborah-Anne Velthuysen

Today's Prophetic Word is for the Gideon Prophets battling with doubt and condemnation!

Today the Lord showed me an underground spring. It was beautifully fragrant, lined with soaps and essential oils. As the steam cleared, I saw a handful of people scrubbing the stains on their skin with the soaps and oils.

Some had been at it a while and rubbed their skin raw. When I asked the Lord who these people were, He said, "These are my Gideon prophets. They're ashamed of the generational sins they carry.

I asked Him how to help these prophets. He replied, "I have a solution for them, but it will not be easy."

He handed me a scroll and told me to give you this word.

"Put your hand on the plow and till the fields. Plant the seeds of salvation. Rebuke the devil, and make him run for the hills. Open your mouth and give the word or prophecy. Heal the brokenhearted. Serve, and intercede for my church.

Do the work, my beloved. As you walk in obedience and do the work I've commissioned you to, I'll heal your wounds. I'll remove the stain of sin from your body. I'll take away your shame and the fear of the enemy.

You don't have time to remain broken. You've had your time of healing. Now my church needs healing. They need deliverance and to encounter Me. They need someone to break the chains of generational curses and expectations, as you did.

My church has cried out for change. They're ready for the work I'm about to do. Rise, speak, and I'll give you the words to say. Step out, and I'll direct your footsteps. Pray, and I'll make miracles happen.

You're not alone in this journey. I'll stand by your side and connect you with a tribe that understands you, but only as you continue to do the work."

Gideon, you're called to break the curses of past generations. Jesus called you to confront family obligations and traditions. He set you apart to start a new bloodline to overcome the enemy.

Thanks for reading!

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