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Recognize Your Value Being Forged Under Pressure

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Pressure turns a piece of coal, into this precious stone. Once formed, it’s tough enough to cut through hard surfaces or shine in glory, on a piece of Jewelry. Diamonds are not alike.

The Lord delights in transforming you into a diamond for His glory. The pressure you face is forging the diamond in you. What carat do you want to be?

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Recognize Your Value Being Forged Under Pressure

By Dalton Beckering

Today's Word is for those who are constantly under pressure and are looking for relief!

As a father to my 3-month son, I know what tired is. But that’s not what you’re facing. You’re weary because your brain is tired, your character is challenged, and all of your escapes have been taken away.

But before you pray for this pressure to ease… consider what you might lose. This pressure is shaping an anointing in you. You’re becoming the leader God promised you would be. Give up now and you’ll have to wait for God to rearrange the circumstances again.

Here is a word from the Lord to put some fuel in your tank.

“See past the struggles of today. You’re only looking at the temporary pain but you do not see the promise unfolding before you. Remember my words, command your spirit to come in line, and set your thoughts on obedience. Then you will succeed.

While you allow the enemy to dominate your thoughts with complaints you will lose sight of the promise. The enemy is trying to tear down what I’m giving you before it can even begin. So fight this weariness and rejoice. The pressure is transforming you into the image I promised you would have.

The next time you feel weary, celebrate! It means you are getting closer to your promise.”

Reply to this email with a praise report. I want you to take time to thank God for the pressure you’re facing. Let’s become stronger together!

P.S. My son slept through the night for the first time this week. Hallelujah!

Thanks for reading!

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