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Prophet, Your Trust Moves the Hand of God!

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Ah that everyone would grasp this simple principle. The Lord called you and He will finish what He began. So stop trying so hard ok? All Jesus requires from you today is to trust Him! He does not need your song and dance. He needs your vote of confidence. Offer Him your trust and watch for MIRACLES in your life! Love and blessings, Colette Toach P.S. Has the Lord told you to get trained for the prophetic calling on your life? Then join the elite ranks of prophets at our prophetic school.

If you are called to the prophetic then this prophetic word is for YOU! by Michael Velthuysen

As I came to write this word, I saw how the process you have been in has hindered you. You try and swim, but sink. You keep trying to climb this mountain but fail. God is calling you to surrender your will and allow His hand to guide you.

Let Me Be the One to Shape You! "For My child, I have not called you to swim across the oceans or to climb the mountains. For I have called you to stand and walk this journey on the road I have set before you. For every time you sit and try and do this on your own, you sink in the ocean or the mountain conquers you. My child, I am not calling you to climb every single mountain but to rather walk around the mountain, to walk with Me! For it's in the walk that I will begin to shape you into the prophet I need you to be. For it is in the walk, that the fire will burn away the dross. It is in the walk that the circumstances will come in line. My child, this walk is of Me.

Trust in the Lord!

So, stop trying to run to the top of the mountain to navigate your way around it! Just trust in Me. Trust that I can take care of you. Trust that My hand will be there to catch you if you slip and fall. You will grow weary and tired if you do not trust in Me to be there to support you.

For indeed the oceans are long and the valleys are deep. I do not want to see you fall to the striving of the past but rather to the overcoming nature of the prophet I have called you to be. Get ready to find your way through this walk with Me. Get ready for My plans to come into action. Get ready for the will I have over your life to come into fruition.

My child, every single day I will shape you. Moving forward from today, hold fast on this path before you, the enemy might come to bring chaos, but trust My hand to protect you. No more running ahead, prophet, but rather trust Me to be there for you. For My child, I have called you to stand up and to be the prophet you need to be," says the Lord.


1. Make a list of where you are doubting God and not trusting in Him.

2. Take that list and give all those concerns to God. Allow Him to have control over the process.

3. Throw away the list and continue to stand in faith for Him to guide you.

4. Praise God for the victory of letting go.

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