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Prophet, Your Role is Essential for What God is About to Do!

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

I love this word because it summarizes the heart of the prophet! We don't just want to experience the love of Jesus for ourselves. We want everyone to know Him as we do! So prophet, step up because the Lord Jesus needs you! Love and blessings, Craig and Colette Toach P.S. Are you part of our NextGenProphets tribe? If so, get connected at and stay in fellowship!

Does your heart beat to show the Love of Jesus? Then this prophetic word is for YOU! by Deborah-Anne Velthuysen

Today, I sought the Lord on behalf of His prophets, and when I sat down to pray, He showed me a vision of you receiving a wedding invitation of sorts. But, instead of a letter inviting you to the wedding, this letter contained a special request from the Lord to hold a prominent role in the ceremony as His best man! The letter read as follows:

"Prophet, arise and bring My church into intimacy with Me. It is time for you to use your greatest weapon of love and that is a face-to-face relationship with Me. There are many hurting and broken in My church who are bound by the chains of their past and the rejections they have faced, and it is only a relationship with Me that will set them free. For you have prophesied on My behalf, and you have used all of the tools at your disposal, except this one. My bride does not need more promises and examples of My love, but she is ready to receive My love. So, prophet, I am inviting you to be the maid of honor and the best man at My wedding. I am inviting you to introduce Me to My bride, and My bride to Me. I need you to create an environment for us to meet so that I may woo her and prepare her for her wedding day. I want to gift her the dress she will wear and the jewelry that will adorn her, but she does not yet know My voice.

This day I call you to leave the wedding chambers you have grown to love, and to set out to begin a journey of guiding My bride to My arms. You are well equipped to do this because you already know how to hear My voice. Now just teach it to the people around you. Show them what I sound like, what I love to eat and drink, and how I love to listen to their stories. Make Me a part of the conversation so they will encounter My love and walk away changed for the rest of their lives, simply because we got to exchange names.

This is the power of being called My prophet! You have the ability to bring change to the lives of My people by simply playing the matchmaker I have created you to be. Begin the introductions today! Do not wait on this task, but do so with joy and excitement. Run with endurance and with My power giving you the boost to reach the captives who are imprisoned by their own hurts and trauma, and set them free by introducing Me."

It is time to give the church what Jesus gave you: a wedding to remember! It defined who you are and empowered you for the future you now have, healed and set free in Jesus' mighty name!

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