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Prophet, This Is Why You’ve Been Called To The Nations

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

When God called us to the nations we really didn’t get it.

Only after our first prophetic school was well established, did the penny drop. We were called to the nations to bring unity! Whether we trained a prophet in Germany or in Mexico... they all shared common spiritual DNA! There's always a deeper reason for your position.

This word goes out to all prophets out there still trying to figure it out. May it inspire and position you! Love and blessings, Colette Toach P.S. Best resource for this word has to be Practical Prophetic Ministry. If you don’t already own your copy, grab one! It's been marked down from $19.99 to $10 until June 16th. So grab it and begin your prophetic download!

If you've been doubting your authority today, this prophetic word is for you! by Eloise Flanders

When I came to the Lord today, He gave me this word for you: You are set apart. He showed me you doubting your authority. You keep stepping back when things don't go the way you imagined.

The Lord reminds you today that failure got you this far. It was your resilience to seek out truth and obedience to His will that kept you moving forward. Many are waiting on your ministry to move forward in theirs.

Prophet, the weight of responsibility is on you to lead others as you came to liberty in Christ. You sense the nudge in your spirit. You're picking up the hurts that hold God's people back. The Lord placed that prompting in your spirit. He says to take up your sword and go set His people free.

"My child, I went through a lot to separate you to be a prophet to the nations. I arranged to bring you out from among those who would hold you back from walking out this call. I freed you of false obligations that didn't profit my plans for your life.

I placed you in an environment to renew your mindset and expose the weakness the enemy used against you. You have walked through fire and come out unharmed, shaped by My hand to blaze a trail.

Now I'm calling you to do the same for others. You have all you need for the work ahead. I taught you my culture to influence those assigned to you and cause an overflow on all those who see and desire Me.

So don't compare yourself to the next prophet. They don't share your grace. As you continue to walk this call, see that I'll give you more. Your wisdom will increase, and so will knowledge and understanding. I'll give instructions for the future as you go from glory to glory", says the Lord.

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