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Prophet, Leave Your Cave And Get To Work!

Updated: May 20, 2022

This is a strong word and it’s meant to be! It's a word to all the prophets out there and I can only chorus what Prophet Deborah-Anne Velthuysen says. Face the travail prophet! Go through your process! Craig and I, along with the full NextGenProphet team got your back. Your struggles have purpose and today the Lord calls you to take that training and to help Him build His church! #LetsDoThis Love and blessings, Craig and Colette Toach P.S. If you are ready for your prophetic assignment, then get trained! Submit an application for our Prophetic School where Principals Deborah-Anne and Michel Velthuysen will guide you through your process.

Do you feel burdened to bring change to the church? Then this prophetic word is for YOU! by Deborah-Anne Velthuysen

As I sought the Lord, He showed me a picture of some of His prophets hiding in the cave of Adullum, only leaving to give a prophetic word occasionally. However, He looked to me and said, "These prophets aren't meant to be in the cave, for I have called them to serve in the courts of Saul to prepare the way for David. Until they have done their job I cannot begin mine."

As He said this, I felt a great sorrow come from the Lord as He heard your cries for change in the church. I felt your frustration at the state of the church and the unfairness you faced. As you wept, the Lord turned to you and said:

"Prophet, I call you to accountability. For I have heard your cries of how unfairly you have been treated and at the state of the church. I have heard your prayers for change, and I have even heard your grumblings of dissatisfaction for the position I have placed you in. However, what you don't understand is that I placed you in this position, not for your benefit, but to give you the eyes to see the state of My church.

I have given you eyes to see that you may be held accountable for the state of the church and step out to do something about it. No kingdom was built in a day, and neither will this task I have given you. I'm not asking you to go from church to church prophesying My will, I'm calling you to stay put and birth My Kingdom in the church.

I'm calling you to face the unfairness and persecution, just as I did. I'm calling you to stand as My representative; to stand in the midsts of the injustice of your circumstances and still serve; to still love My people and pray them through. For this is when you will begin to see the change in the church, when you can join Me on the cross daily for a crime you didn't commit.

Through your crucifixion, I will be able to step down from the cross and be given license in the church I placed you in. I'm waiting for the license to be given to bring change. So, don't complain, don't grumble, but surrender yourself to the cross until the full restoration has been completed."

You are equipped for this task, prophet. It may feel overwhelming at times, but your power lays in the cross and your ability to get out of the way so God can do His work. Travail, birth, and decree until God says you are done!

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