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Prophet, God Asks: “Can I Take You Into The Fire?”

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

The Holy Spirit processes His prophets through an age-old process. Trial by fire. At times it’s hard to figure out if what you’re going through is a demon or God’s call to the fire. This word will bring you clarity today.

Know when to pick up your sword or lay it down. This skill is essential to your acceleration. Before I hand off to Jessica Toach, I want you to know something, prophet.

God called you. He'll finish what He began. It doesn’t matter if you miss it. It doesn’t matter if you stumble. He will pick you up, refine you, and then use you, in your weakness. Come to peace with your call.

Ending Note:

I want to help reveal the prophetic treasure in you. However, the door is closing on how much time I can invest! I can only give you 48 hours to get the Prophetic Mentorship Package so that I can help. Please don’t miss it! Our next program will only be at the end of 2023. I wait for you today. Take this opportunity and let’s see what you’re made of... together!

Prophet, God Asks: "Can I Take You Into the Fire?"

By Jessica Toach

Today's prophetic word is for the prophets going through intense training. Are you ready to push through?

Today, God has a word for you. You're a prophet that has been through the training. You want to do God's work, but there's so much warfare standing in your way.

You've been seeking the Lord for an open door. Today, the Lord is telling you:

"Can I have your fire, my child? Can you let go of your own strengths and abilities for a moment? Can you allow me to challenge you to grow stronger? For I didn't call you for your great ideas and anointing. It was by my fire and will that you were called. So even now it will not be by your ability but by my power that I will cause you to grow.

Trust me with your process, my child. Trust me to take you through the fire to purify you. Trust me to bring the best out of you. I will remove the condemnation and bring out the perfect you that I created. After this season of fire, I will set you in a place of glory. So do not fight my hand. Let me finish this work in you so that you may shine with my radiance."

The challenges you're facing? It's not warfare. It's Him arranging your circumstance to bring the best out of you.

HOLD UP! Before you go! Here's a little project to help you see your worth and bring out your potential. Just answer these questions:

  1. What comes naturally to you? It might not always be easy, but what's in you that you're just able to do?

  2. Where's all the pressure and "warfare" coming from?

  3. What do you need to overcome your challenges?

  4. What can you do today to be better or to better handle the challenges?

  5. Do it!

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