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Prayer Warriors: God Calls You To The Battlefield Today

Updated: May 20, 2022

God has given you fire in your belly! Your prayers will change the course of so many lives. Today I pray this word ignites that fire afresh and reminds you of how valuable you are to the Lord. Without prayer warriors, this ministry would not be where it is today. It's because of the prayer warriors of our previous generation that we participate in the prophetic move. So step up prayer warrior! We need you! Love and blessings Colette Toach P.S. Like Anne mentions below, pick up Persistent Prayer - Angels and Demons at Work, to #LevelUp your prayer life!

Have you been called to the battlefield? Then this Prophetic Word is For You! by Anne Chen

When you have a passion to pray, what comes with it is that most people think you are crazy. Not many people will understand your automatic response to pray about everything! But you know you have been called to wage war in the spirit on behalf of His people. Though it may be a lonely and most often thankless job, the Lord sees you and all that you do because you are obedient to His marching orders. I can hear Him saying to you:

"My child, I put a fire inside of you to come to Me on behalf of My people. You are always knocking on My door on behalf of all you see and all you feel. You see the hearts of My people. You come to Me constantly with their hopes and fears, their problems and conflicts. You come on your knees without anyone knowing. Rest assured this is because I have indeed called you as My warrior and your battlefield is not of this earth. I have made your prayer muscles strong because you carry My heart. I have built perseverance in you because the love you have for Me supersedes what others may say about you.

I see you, My beloved. Every time you have come to Me on behalf of another, your prayers tore down strongholds of the enemy. Every time you heard My call to pray, your intercession stopped the enemy's hand from harming many. The words from your mouth have allowed My hand to touch hearts, change circumstances, and free those who were bound.

Beloved, never be ashamed of your position for I am the one who has put you there. You are My secret weapon against the enemy. I am pleased with you, My warrior. So, persist in your battle in the spirit. Let me give you sharper eyes and sharper weapons of warfare. Come up higher for I have so much for you. Do not look to the right or left, but set your eyes as a flint to every single prayer assignment that I have given you and stand boldly as the warrior I have called you to be."


To invest in your skills as a prayer warrior, check out Apostle Colette Toach's book Persistent Prayer - Angels and Demons at Work. It will equip you with a whole new set of weapons in the spirit:

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