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Prayer Warrior, Lead The Charge!

Strategic plans are core to any victory! Every eventuality needs to be considered.

The real test comes, to the brave souls called to pave the way. Prayer Warriors spearhead the Lord’s plan for the rest of His people. If you are one of these unsung heroes, today you are seen and appreciated. We cannot do this without you!

I remind you that you are in an honored place. The Lord reveals His plans first to you. No leader does that unless he trusts the person implicitly.

Ending Note

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Prayer Warrior, Lead The Charge!

By Chaifa Berry

Today's Word is for the intercessors and prayer warriors needing motivation to push on!

This message is for the prayer warriors who are at their posts. God has trained you for war. There is a lot of work to do, and you do not have time to doubt your abilities. God has trained you for battle. Today, He calls on you to birth and protects His movements on this earth.

Unless you open your mouth, His will does not go out.

“I've called you to be at the frontlines of battle. You are my warrior. From your mother’s womb, I’ve shaped you to be my servant, that you may help carry my burdens with Me. Indeed, there is a lot of work to be done. I have drawn up many battle plans. But before I commission my leaders onto the field, I need my prophets to go and prepare the way ahead of them.

Lest they're commissioned to a battlefield where the enemy lies in wait to attack. For too long my leaders have been taken out, because of the warfare they could not face alone. But I’ve equipped you with a sword. I’ve trained your hands for battle, and now I need you to go out and fight on behalf of those who are in the trenches.

That is why I’ve positioned you as a watchman. Don’t grow weary on your post. Don’t let the enemy distract you from your watch. I have many blueprints to establish, but I need my warriors to birth them, see them through, and protect my plans. I need my prophets to intercede and ensure my will is done. You may have doubts. You may be weary from battles you’ve lost. But know this, my warrior, there is nothing I’ve established on earth, that I did not reveal to my prophets first. You were shaped to help Me carry my burdens.

Who will meet me in my Throne Room so that I may reveal my plans to them? What prophet will birth my movements on the earth? Who will do the warfare necessary so that my Church may rise in glory?

Indeed, I’ve trained you for war, and today I call you to take your post. I’ve called you out of the spotlight and into hiding. Here is where you will watch over my work. You are my warrior. Come now, and take your post,” says the Lord.

Thanks for reading!

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