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Pay attention to your positioning

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Your position gives you authority over your territory.

Don’t be discouraged if you’re positioned someplace you don’t like. As the Father positioned you, He’s given you authority over this territory! So take your stand. Obey God’s instructions.

As you are positioned, He'll equip you to build. So don’t try to get out of this position. Rather see where the Lord needs you to BUILD!

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Pay Attention to Your Positioning

By Eloise Flanders

Today's prophetic word is to encourage and motivate the warriors out in the battlefield! You're positioned with purpose!

The Lord trusts you to stand on the front line to protect and serve His people. You're one assigned to keep the enemy out. What burns in you also burns in the hearts of many.

Today, I remind you of your positioning. Your loyalty is to the Lord and the mandate on your life. The enemy will stop at nothing to distract you. Stay put and secure the land.

There are builders like you with the same passion and mandate. This work is for teams with different skill sets.

"My child, I called you to be the first line of defense. But you're not the only one. As a point guard, you must gather loyal leaders to stand post on the wall.

Your training prepared you in the art of effective spiritual warfare. Now train them to do the same. This post requires courage, focus, and persistence until the end.

I've given you eyes to see to condition of My church. To assess where it's weak and needs reinforcement. See to it that there are no cracks prone to attacks. It requires different tools and strategies to establish the wall.

Teach my people to be vigilant, and the responsibility entrusted to them. You stand in a place of authority to encourage unity and influence change in the church.

Your leadership will stir up the gifts in those trained under you. They'll learn to be courageous. Raise them to be diligent and faithful to the vision no matter what obstacles they may face.

Together, you'll build a wall that will stand the test of time. The words decreed on this wall will prepare the way for your leaders today and those who will pick up the baton.

I'm proud of the work you're doing. Yet, I expect you to pass down your wisdom to the next generation of warriors who will carry on after you. They'll stand as prophets on the wall to protect and serve.

With understanding and strategies of war, My people will not suffer loss to a lack of knowledge. Instead, they'll continue building my church until it's the City I envisioned", says the Lord.

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