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Own The Land God's Promised You

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

There's a reason God keeps taking you back to the same point. Its NOT because you failed! Rather, He's calling you to map it out. Many in Abraham's day thought he was going in circles. They didn't know that he was mapping out the future for generations to come! Love and blessings Colette Toach P.S. Did you bless someone today? Forward this word to a friend who feels lost in the desert! Be the hope someone else desperately needs today! And if this word was sent to you by a friend, click here to subscribe for more!

Do you feel like you're stuck in a cycle? This Prophetic Word is For You! by Chaifa Berry

Nothing is truly yours until you’ve engaged it, overcome its terrain, and know it inside and out. Whether a person, a job, or a mandate from God, ownership takes time. It takes walking the same land, over and over again, until you can map the land out in your sleep. God says, don’t grow weary, He is leading you into ownership,

“My child, there is so much in this world that you want to do for me, but it can’t all be done in a day. All I ask is for you to take a step towards vision every single day. For as you move your feet, you take land on that which I put your feet. As the days go by, you will look back and see how much land you’ve covered.

I had Abraham walk the land, to know it and to own it. Before he could call it his, he had to set foot on it - he had to work the land. Though you find yourself circling this one field, it doesn’t mean that you’re not progressing. It means that you’re owning it. You walk it, that you may find every cave, every mountain, and every crevice on that land. For until you understand it, and know how to travail it, you don’t own it.

So tread on, as I set your foot to walk the perimeter of this land. You keep wondering when you will set your foot on new land. Don’t you realize, that there is still more you need to discover about the land your feet is already on?

It’s not good enough to set up a tent and live on it. It’s not good enough to stake your claim. You must cultivate the land. Learn its treasures, what it yields, but also learn how to overcome the dangers within it.

That is why I have you walk the land, over and over again. For every time you do, you discover a hill that you missed, a new danger to dodge, and wells to be dug, that you missed before. As you walk, child, you mark your territory and every day, it becomes yours. You are not failing me, child - quite the opposite. I’m giving you ownership by making you walk the land,” says the Lord.

Practical Project: Take steps to ownership.

  1. Where do you feel you are walking in circles?

  2. Every day for a week, make a list of something NEW you discovered on your “land”. What did you learn about it?

  3. By the end of the week, teach someone else what God has taught you. Until you can teach it, you don’t own it.

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