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Now Is Not The Time To Act - Wait For God’s Timing

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

I can’t stand seeing people suffer.

If I witness injustice, I want to be the hero to save the day. Yeah… I’ve missed God’s timing more times than I can count. Just because we see a “stirring in the waters” doesn’t mean that God needs you to come to the rescue.

Hang back a bit and wait. Kairos time is coming soon!

Love and blessings Colette Toach P.S. If you’re called to be an apostle, pick up The Apostolic Handbook. It will navigate you to office in God’s perfect timing. Get it here:

If you feel the push to action, this prophetic word is for you! by Anja Sager

We serve a God who institutes His plans very particularly and perfectly timed. To be patient isn’t always easy when God placed you in the midst of many urgent situations that beg for a solution. It’s crucial, however, that you act in His timing. Otherwise, you might find yourself running for your life like Moses. I stood in awe when God gave me this word for you today. We serve an Almighty God and His timing is always perfect. May you be empowered as much as I was.

“My timing is perfect, My child, and I don’t move due to a need but due to My perfect plan and purpose.

Moses saw the injustice that happened in Egypt already when he was a young man. When he tried to save My people and killed an Egyptian, neither he nor the people were ready for what was indeed My plan.

He acted prematurely and in his own timing. As a result, he had to run for his life. The situation was already bad when Moses attempted to be the savior but the time was not yet ready for Me to move. Only many years later was the season right for Pharaoh to let My people go.

As you’re finding yourself in chaotic circumstances and are eager to act, know that these are but the labor pains. The waters are being stirred, people are complaining and asking for solutions, but it's not yet time for the promise I gave you to come to pass.

Wait until I open the prison bars and call you to Pharaoh's court. Wait until I call you to action for I know what it takes to put My plan and purpose into motion.

You only see your limited perspective. Realize that My perspective is much bigger. Take your next steps when I tell you to do so. Until then, wait, learn, study, prepare, and apply the daily steps of obedience I’m giving you for each one will prepare you to stand before Pharaoh and leave an impact that generations after you will talk about."


Look at each step of action you’re about to take and ask yourself the following questions: -1. Which steps were God's clear instructions to you? Take those and check them with the next two questions. - 2. Which steps are you about to take because the situation cries for an instant solution? Take these situations and bring them back to the Lord. Come to peace and wait for His go-ahead. - 3. Which steps did God give you a go-ahead for in this very moment? Take these steps.

Check out for more!

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