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Not Every Devil Is Yours To Slay

Letting go of relationships hurt. Especially when it comes to family. If you’re called as a Gideon prophet, this is a price God asks of you to pay. Not everyone is asked to pay this… but you are. It hurts. What hurts you more though is failing to accomplish your mandate. So if you’re a Gideon, allow today’s word to help you navigate the next step. Focus on the demons Jesus needs you to fight. Then walk off the battlefields that aren’t yours to conquer!

Ending Note:

I echo Dalton’s recommendation below for the Spiritual Warfare for a New Generation. This course is available for free to all Scholars of our Fivefold Ministry Campus

Not Every Devil Is Yours To Slay

By Dalton Beckering

Disclaimer: This word is for someone very specific. If it’s you, God bless you and give me a call. If it’s not, enjoy the teaching aspect of this word.

You’re fighting a specific enemy. He’s on your land, stealing your things, and distracting you. His tactic is to get you to fight every other enemy except him.


You’ve been fighting the wrong enemy for too long. Today you find the open door to this attack and know the name of your enemy. Hear God’s word for you, warrior. Slay that devil.

“The enemy is attacking your health. He is causing trouble with your heart. This is an open door to generational curses. It remains open because of the ties with your family. I told you to cut them off, but you haven’t yet.

My child, their battle is not yours to win. The calling on your life is separate from them. I need you to let them go and trust me to take care of them. For as long as you take care of their needs you leave your back open for the enemy to attack you.

Rather become focused on what I am leading you to. Be covered in armor as you rest under my covering and my obedience. Reach those children, reach the sick, and encourage those around you. This is your ministry my child and it comes before taking care of your family.

Bind guilt and condemnation, break those ties, and sever the enemy’s access to your life. I will show you how to walk out your call. “ says the Lord.

Fight the right battle today. Take the Spiritual Warfare for a New Generation Course. It teaches you how to generational curses, how to fight the right enemy, and how to be free from Satan’s grip.

P.S. You can get access to this course and all of its training materials by becoming a Scholar at Fivefold Ministry Campus.

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