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No! Don’t lower your standards!

God doesn’t call us to what we’re capable of. He calls us to what He's capable of.

As a result, we’re sometimes called to leap over a wall and run through a troop. King David said he could do both with the power of God!

This is what you've forgotten! You’ve received so much pushback that you forgot who commissioned you! This wasn’t your idea! This was God’s idea! He’s the one who empowers you this week. This word is a spiritual energy drink for those who feel a little weary in doing good.

Ending Note:

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No! Don't Lower Your Standards!

By Steven Young

Today's prophetic word will encourage those who have been feeling weary from their work.

You’ve been faithfully serving and working on the vision and assignment God has given you, but your strength has waned, your resolve has weakened, and your focus has dimmed. Keep heart! God’s favor has not departed from you and it’s time to renew your mind to the promise God gave you and showed you. God has a word for you to get you back on track!

"I will renew your strength and help you rise again, like an eagle. And like an eagle who soars above and higher than the other birds, I called you to set a high standard of excellence, which I will use to lift others up to your standard. I'm doing this because it’s My standard I’ve called you to and it’s My standard I’m calling those around you to rise to as well.

This standard is necessary, and I will not leave you nor forsake you. While you’ve been flying at this level and thinking you're alone, I’ve sent you your Aarons to help keep your arms raised. I’ve assigned them to you as your support. Take heart and be encouraged, says the Lord."

Today, God wants you to live in that perfect peace as you keep your mind fixed on Him and regain the soar back into your spirit. The question is, what thoughts or ideas have you accepted and believed that are contrary to God’s promise and His character?

Take heart and set your mind back on the truth of God’s promise and His character by casting down thoughts and imaginations contrary to God’s character and His promise to you and repent for making agreements with those thoughts.

Agree again with what God has shown you and told you. Declare those truths to reactivate your faith in Him and what He’s shown you. Someone must be the eagle to show that a higher level is possible. God has chosen you to be that eagle and give others a picture of what God wants for His people.

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