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Moses, Your Time Is Now!

Being a shepherd was a tough job, but imagine the weight of responsibility Moses experienced when called to lead a nation. No wonder he tried to make excuses. Moses apostle put away your excuses, it’s time to take your place!

Can I be straight with you? Like a first-time parent, you will never be ready! You need to take the leap of faith and trust the Lord. God does not need a perfect vessel; He just needs a willing vessel to love His people. Now go lead apostle, His people need you!

Ending Note:

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Moses, Your Time Is Now!

By Deborah-Anne Velthuysen

Today's Word is for the Apostles called to be a Moses! Take your staff and walk!

As I prayed this week, the Lord positioned me in a war room. He showed me a map with golden pins scattered across the globe. As I looked closer, I realized these pins were in the middle of nowhere!

Some were deep in the jungle of South America. Others were in the deserts of Africa or the mountains of Europe.

When I asked the Lord what the pins represented, he said, "These are my Moses Apostles. I've placed a heavy burden on their shoulders, and my people were not ready for the gift I had given them."

He then handed me a ram's horn and said,

"I call out to you, my Moses Apostle. Rejected by your people and hidden in the wildernesses because of the pattern I gave you.

I need a revolution to take place in my church.

I call you to bring your piece of the puzzle to collaborate. Take your understanding of the mandate I placed on you and work with the leaders I'll send your way. I positioned my apostles across the globe and gave each of you a piece of my pattern.

Work with them to put the puzzle pieces together and create a blueprint my church can walk out.

Like Moses, I hid you away for such a time as this. It was not an accident. He'd heard the call. He had the anointing and strength, but my people were not ready for him. He needed some tempering.

So I hid him in the mountains where nobody would know his name. You had to fight for your mandate and hide your piece of wisdom from the church. I tempered you in the wilderness, but my people are ready for this new move.

It's time to lead my people out of Egypt. You will not complete this mandate alone. I'll send you an Aaron. One who'll call you out of the wilderness and position you to birth the pattern I gave you so many years ago."

Moses, your time in the wilderness is over. The church is ready for the blueprint God gave you.

Now you need to know what to do with it. It's time to connect and collaborate with your fellow Apostles. "Like calls to like." Don't settle for anything less than the level of excellence God called you to.

Also, you need to join the Apostolic Mentorship Program. It's the shortcut you need to increase your apostolic effectiveness. And it'll define your apostolic mandate.

Thanks for reading!

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