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Make The Shift To Tap Into The Prophetic Anointing Again.

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The greatest hindrance to any prophet is not flowing in their grace. If you are battling today to flow in the prophetic like you used to, it could be your prophetic type shifted and you did not get the memo.

All is not lost; I have good news for you. You have not lost your prophetic calling or anointing. You just shift, and you will come alive again.

Ending Note:

Did you know there are 9 Prophetic types? Find your prophetic type so you can function in your grace today...


Make The Shift To Tap Into The Prophetic Anointing Again.

By Denise Jordan


Today's Prophetic Word is the prophets whose mandate is shifting!

The Lord showed me a picture of the world map. He proceeded to highlight specific spots on the map and zoomed in on each one. There I saw prophets disoriented in the middle of nowhere.

If that’s you, it’s likely your prophet type changed, it’s time to shift!

The Lord calls out to you today. Don't allow inaction, fear, or doubt to distract you from the steps you need to take. There's uncharted territory before you, but, prophet, it’s not about you. It’s about God’s people who need a way forward. God picked you to pave the way!

He’s saying to you:

“Today, I want to assure you that your positioning is purposeful. This is where I want you to make an impact. I know you’re insecure because it looks so different from where you’ve come from. You’re used to being around other ministers like you. Now you’re standing in the middle of the world. Those around you don’t know me the way you do.

You look to your brothers and sisters, and they don’t get revelation the way you do. You feel like the odd one out everywhere you turn. My child, don’t fall into the enemy’s trap. He wants you to look back to your old season and tempt you with the past. He wants you to look back so that you don’t embrace the pressures I have for you today.

Don’t allow him to pull you back. Don’t allow him to make you inactive. This is his biggest weapon against you. He’ll stop you from moving. He’ll cause you to doubt the action steps I’ve given you to take. He’ll try to show you that this is too different, too impossible, too radical.

Don’t listen to his lies! Remember that the power of your mandate lies in acting upon my instruction in obedience. Your footsteps cause circumstances to shift. Your actions are more important than your words. Where you find your feet, is where I’ll bring my heart and influence. So, keep moving. Keep doing what I show you to do. Diligently walk out each instruction.

For I’m using you to open doors that are yet shut. I’m using you to create ways in places where there are no paved roads. I’m using you to pioneer a movement. So, don’t look back. Don’t hanker after the leeks and garlic of your Egypt. You’ve crossed the Red Sea and now it’s time to make your way toward the Promised Land.

Discipline yourself to be in step with my instruction and timing. There may be a lot of noise around you. Zero in on my voice. Remain rooted in my power and anointing, and keep your eyes on me. Go forth now, and rest assured that my hand is upon you and even though you feel alone at times, I’m with you always,” says the Lord.

Thanks for reading!

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