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Make The Hard Call! Because Then You’ll Walk On Water

Updated: May 20, 2022

I read once that the easy things in life make up our bad habits. The hard things make up our good habits. Good habits give extended life, financial freedom, and joy. Here’s something else you need to know. When you make the tough choice to do the right thing, the Holy Spirit comes alongside you. So the hard thing… becomes the easy thing.

It was a tough call for Peter to step out on the waters. Yet when he did the hard thing, he got to dominate the laws of physics! Dominate the laws of physics in your life. Make the tough call God is asking you to make and step out on the water. Love and blessings Colette Toach P.S. Did you know we provide private coaching, mentorship and training for the fivefold ministry? Apostle Chaifa Berry is a member of our Fivefold Ministry Campus Team. I invite you to check out the website and then schedule a call to talk about your calling and the next step God needs you to take.

At a cross road in your life? This Prophetic Word is For You! by Chaifa Berry

Have you ever come to an intersection in your life and wondered which road to take? There is always a road that is safer and more secure.

Then there’s the narrow road. It’s uncomfortable and risky. Yet, somehow you feel the Lord calling you to step onto this road. God’s promises are better than anything you could dream of, but His path isn't comfortable. Today, He calls you to step out in faith:

“My child, step out onto the waters and leave the security of the seashore. For on land, you'll never adventure into the deep and discover lands that have not been stepped on before. Every vision that I give to you, won't come without a journey. Indeed, I'll call you to step out of your comfort zone, into the unknown. It’s in the deep waters that you'll see My power and discover who you are.

I stir up the call that has always been within you. Though it is scary, it's also exciting, My child. It's Me calling you to step out in faith. Take just one step, My child, and I'll lead you the rest of the way. With every step you take towards the vision I’ve put in your heart, you'll gain treasures. You'll gain gifts and be blessed in many ways.

Though you look out at the waters and wonder what dangers await you, My child, know that is a part of the journey. It's with this fear and trembling that you must step out. Have the courage to be different, to step away from the security of the shore. For indeed, as you answer the call and run after vision, you will go against the grain. There will no longer be the security of the land beneath your feet, and that is when you'll find Me carrying you. That is when you'll walk on water.” Amen.


  1. What intersection in life are you facing right now?

  2. Which path is comfortable? Which path is risky?

  3. Which path do you feel God calling you to take?

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