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Light Up The Sky For Jesus!

Presented by Toach Ministries International

One of my favorite times of the year as a boy was Guy Fawkes. It was the only time you could release fireworks, without a policeman knocking at your door. It’s the only day of the year, the sun could not go down fast enough. But when it did, the sky lit up in splendor, as families all joined in.

What lasting effect do you want to make on the Church? Do you want to be like a firework that has a moment, and it is gone, or do you want to leave something behind that lasts forever? You only see one part of the picture. That’s why the Lord has not released you yet. You are a precious gift to His body. Make a lasting effect that stands the test of time!

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Light Up The Sky For Jesus!

By Apostle Craig Toach


Today's Prophetic Word is everyone who has answered the call on their lives and are looking for the next step.

"Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying: "Whom shall I send, And who will go for Us?" Then I said, "Here am I! Send me." - Isaiah 6:8

Those words have not lost their draw. Many have answered the call of the Lord saying, “Here am I! Send me, Lord.” But the question the Lord asks is, are you ready to do it on His time? Are you ready for what comes after He sends you?

The Lord knows the beginning from the end. He knows the needs of His people. He knows the right time to release you for maximum effect. Your release will light up the sky with His glory, only wait for the right moment to do so!

The Lord says, “My child, you cried out, “send me!” In your zeal, you waited in anticipation for me to release you right away. When I didn't, you thought I didn't hear you.

I hear you, child. Your desire for Me is like honey on my lips. Yet, you don't realize it’s not time. What use is a firework shot into the sky at midday? It would perform all it’s built for, but no one would see its full effects. But wait until dark, that rocket will draw the attention of all who hear it. They will track its flight until it explodes, igniting the sky with splendor. That’s what I desire for you!

So, wait for the right time. Prepare yourself for what comes after I send you. This is not a once-off event. Once I release you, a journey follows. There is a work that awaits you, with many chapters. Once you get started, you will be busy for some time.

Build up your strength. Your time will come before you know it. Be ready for the long haul.”

Thanks for reading!

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