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Let Me Turn Your Mourning Into Joy - That's Where The Power Is

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Joy is a fruit of the Spirit. That means it's not dependent on how you feel! When this principle hits home, you will discover the power of it. Aren't you tired of feeling so weary? Surely, you are sick of feeling overwhelmed by all that pressure!

Joy is the answer! Receive the impartation from this Word today and get out from under that burden! Jesus extends His hand - take it! Love and blessings, Craig and Colette Toach P.S. I have just the teaching to put a pep in your step today! It's only $7 and worth it's weight in gold. The title: The Praise Project. Get it by CLICKING HERE and tap into joy!

Then this prophetic word is here to remind you of the Lord's joy! by Denise Jordan

I'm here to be your Nehemiah today, to inspire you to unleash the force of joy from within! No matter what’s happening in your life, choose the Lord’s joy today. Lay yourself at His feet as a living sacrifice and He will turn your mourning into dancing. For He says to you today:

“My child, tap into the power of My joy deposited in your spirit. It’s a power that’s always available to you. All you have to do is choose to come to Me so that I may pour forth My joy to become your strength in every difficulty.

My joy is more than a feeling. It’s a power that will enable you to scale the highest mountains, and wade through the deepest valleys. It’s a power you haven’t tapped into enough. For indeed, when you lift your eyes to Me and you choose to sacrifice your hurt, your discouragement, your weariness and deposit it at My feet, I’ll transform it into joy. I’ll give you beauty for ashes, and garments of praise for your grief.

All you have to do is make a choice to praise Me in the midst of your darkest hour. When you run to Me and look into My eyes, I’ll reach into your heart and I’ll transform you from the inside out. You'll then receive My joy to not only give you the power to overcome, but to also use it as a gift you can distribute to My people.

Come and discover this power of joy as you present yourself to Me as a living sacrifice so I may empower you to indeed be the light in this world that I’ve called you to be. For indeed, My people need this light, and the world desperately needs the hope that the power of My joy will release. Let Me transform your sadness into dancing this day," says the Lord!

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