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Let me teach you how to heal others

It takes a special kind of prophet to minister inner healing. Usually, it’s a prophet whose been very broken themselves. This makes you an Isaiah Type prophet. You are graced with the anointing to heal the broken. It came with a price though. The anointing was borne through your wounds. Today the Lord has a message for you. Embrace the reward your Father has for you.

Ending Note:

If you feel the call, listen to the 4 Podcast episodes we recorded for the Isaiah Prophet. Find your place. Fulfill your mandate:

Let Me Teach You How To Heal Others

By Eloise Flanders

Today's Word is for those with a heart to bring healing! This is your time to rise!

The Lord gave me this picture of you with a scalpel in hand. You were removing the infection from wounds. This procedure requires delicate hands and focus.

He says I have given you the wisdom, and you have the experience to bring healing to my people. See to it that you do this with care and precision. I will tell you what areas need work every step of the way.

Healing Exposes Deception And Strife.

"My child, you have eyes to see those who are hurting. I took you through inner healing and positioned you in a place of influence to do the same for others. You should take up the scalpel and do the work I taught you.

Each person needs a different level of care. You have the right tools and gifts of revelation to navigate each one through to healing. Use the methods I taught you to begin the church's maturity process.

Be patient with their process. Each one needs to recognize that my hand is at work, removing the stain of sin that caused them to plateau. You are the vessel I am using to ease them through the different stages of healing.

Help Build Unity In The Body.

When healing comes, a new mindset and posture will follow. Initiate unity by releasing your anointing. Help my people build a wall of faith and unity the enemy cannot penetrate.

As they mature, a ripple effect will occur in the local and universal church. Teach them to walk in love and compassion. As they learn to see past each other exterior, their gifts and anointing will flourish.

My church is on the foundation I set in place for my people. With this, my people will be a force that will sweep across the earth like never before, says the Lord."

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