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Lay aside all the weights today that others have put on you.

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

God has given you everything you need to succeed. So if you are feeling weighed down, realize He is not the one adding burdens to you. This word is a perfect way for you to embrace the rest of the week. LAY THOSE BURDENS DOWN! Love and blessings, Colette Toach P.S. Make a new list of TODOs for the year ahead. Watch my message from the Supernatural You in ‘22 workshop and get your marching orders from the Holy Spirit

If you feel weighed down by burdens today, then this prophetic word is for YOU! by Eloise Flanders

As I came to the Lord for a word for you today, He gave me this picture of a huge bag on your back. In this bag were tons of weights that were pushing you down to the ground. You were so weighed down that you were unable to move from the place you stood.

You were so focused on carrying this weight to the finish line ahead of you, that you did not notice you were not moving at all. The Lord is saying to you today, it is time to lay those weights down.

"My child, there are weights and obligations that you no longer have to carry. They are not your portion. I can see how much you have been working towards finishing that task. The closer you think you are to accomplishing those false obligations, the further you are from what I want you to do. Can't you see that I have been placing you in situations to help you realize that I wasn't the one who gave you the obligations and burdens? They were a diversion from the enemy to slow you down from moving in the direction I desire you to go. Let go of yesterday's to-do's and goals. They cannot serve the vision I have for you. What I have for you is much greater and will lead you towards purpose. There is much more that I need you to accomplish. While you are still holding on in fear of what could happen if you do, I can't give you the new vision. As you put off the visions of old, you will see clearly what I have in store for you. Come to Me, child, and allow Me to unveil things I have prepared for you. Come and allow Me to give you a fresh vision for tomorrow; one that will bear fruit for generations to come.'

It is not for you to finish a vision that I did not give you. It is for you to let go of what is holding you back and walk the road I have designed just for you. Realize that I will strip you from all that has held you stagnant for the last while. The old mindset and doctrine that you have held you captive, I will replace with My mind and desires. Do not grieve over what you must do away with; rather, be hopeful about what I have for you. Be strong and courageous, My child. You will face new obstacles. You will need new knowledge, skills and every step will require a step in faith.

Know that I am holding your hand and taking you through this process. I will instruct you, arrange the circumstances, and will align the right people to assist you along this journey. Trust that I will provide all you need and will not without anything from you. Have I not promised you that I will cause all things to work out for your good? Rest assured I will do much more than you ever thought or experienced before."

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