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KEEP WATCH: God needs you to run when the road becomes smooth!

When seasons shift, so should your sense of urgency.

We pray so long sometimes that when God begins to answer, we freeze like a deer staring at headlights. When God shifts your season, it’s not the time to ask... it's time to run!

You’ve prayed and now the doors are opening. Now is the time to act. Let today’s word launch you into action!

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KEEP WATCH: God Needs You to Run When the Road Becomes Smooth!

By Chaifa Berry

Today's word is for the prophets lost in the wilderness. This is your sign to come out!

It’s time to run your race. The season to fight for every blessing is over - it’s the season to run.

Look at the open doors before you and realize that a new season is upon you!

“The season has shifted my child, and the road is no longer terrain beneath your feet. For a season you had to trek down a path that is less traveled and harder to walk.

You didn't understand why you had to take the path that you did. But, as you look back, my child, you see that I took you through a shortcut.

Now, the road is smooth before you and the season has shifted. Now is the season to run. I've paved a path before you and what held you back before, is no longer present. You don’t have to fight to take a step ahead. You’ve fought your battles and you’ve completed your training, child.

Now is the time to run. Shift into a new mindset and see the wilderness behind you. There's nothing holding you back.

Indeed, in the wilderness, you built spiritual muscles that prepared you for your future. Now, you have these strengths without restraints. Now is the time to take your training and run. Run with fervor.

Step out and run for I’ve gone ahead of you and prepared the way. Favor and grace are upon you,” says the Lord.

Practical Project - How to Shift into a Season of Building!

  1. In what areas of your life have you been in the wilderness? (Training, getting equipped, being added onto, or a stripping away process)

  2. In each of these areas, identify where you are being led out of the wilderness to run. (Doors open without any effort from you. You're positioned to pour out.)

  3. Recognize the shift in season. Close your eyes and see yourself walking out of the wilderness. Now, walk through the open doors and run!

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