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Keep Up The Good Fight - Your Trials Equipped You For Success

It can be disheartening, to be in what seems like a fight for your life, and to have people tell you, you are missing God. Yet, it was the Lord that led you into this battle. He has promised you victory.

Today, I am here to say, “fight through to victory! You are not missing God.” In fact, He already equipped you with the weapons you need. Raise up, and keep up the good fight, your victory is around the corner!

Ending Note:

Did you complete your project for the last three NextGen Prophets podcast episodes in preparation for 2023? It’s not too late. Go now and catch up to start the New Year right!

Keep Up The Good Fight - Your Trials Equipped You For Success

By Deborah-Anne Velthuysen

Today's Word is the final Daily Prophetic Word of 2022, and will perfectly prepare you for 2023!

As I prayed for you today, I saw you as Job. You'd faced trials and covered in sores. As you grew weary, I watched many people come to tell you you'd missed God, and you began to believe them.

They smiled in victory as your shoulders sagged, but then Jesus appeared before you and said;

"You're already equipped for the trial before you. I used each struggle you faced to deposit the faith and tools you needed to face this trial.

I went ahead and prepared the path you have to take. Look, and you'll see my footprints in the sand. Follow my footsteps, and I will lead you through the valley of the shadow of death. Walk in step with me, and I will lead you to my banquet table.

For the enemy will shout and knock on your door. He will tell you you're not strong enough or you don't have the faith to get through this trial. Yet, I've promised you victory. Don't look to the left or right. Stay focused on me and my footsteps.

I'm with you. I'm the light that guides you forward. I stand beside you, and send my angels to guard over you. Tap into your mustard seed of faith. Believe that I'll deliver to you as I did before. That your breakthrough is before you, and you'll find the road is straighter than you thought.

You can handle this trial. I've made sure of it. I would not give you a weight that you cannot bare. Push through, and take hold of your destiny."

You were born for this. Blessing and favor are your kingdom inheritance. Face the devil head-on. Confront your trial with a smile, and praise God because you have the power to overcome.

Note: If you've battled this trial for a while and cannot seem to get a breakthrough, reach out for help. Our team is available to you.

Let us encourage and pray you through.

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