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Jesus Was Rejected Too, So Don't Let What They Said Tear You Down

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

I know you don't mean to be a boat-rocker... you just ARE! It's ok, you're in pretty good company. Jesus faced the same rejection and today He rules on high. Instead of being discouraged, see it as a confirmation of your call.

As a spiritual mom to the Next Gen Prophets, I've had to minister my fair share of healing. The most healing I can deliver is to help each prophet recognize that they were never meant to be "normal." You were created to fit out. Only then are you positioned to lead. I pray this word brings healing to your heart. Love and blessings, Craig and Colette Toach

Are you called to invest your heart into a community? Then this prophetic word is for YOU! by Denise Jordan

Rejection is your middle name, #NextGen Prophet. Today, the Lord reminds you of the superpower this middle name contains. With each rejection you face, God presents you with an opportunity to receive and unleash His agape love, and through it create an environment for His people to find a place to belong.

The very thing you’ve always yearned for, you’ve been called to create. You have work to do, prophet. God is calling you to the forefront, so you may invest your heart in the community He’s called you to.

“My child, I’ve forged you through the power of My love, and I’ve positioned you with the needs of My people in mind. I know you’ve faced rejection for your sharp tongue and your unconventional way of worshipping Me. I know you’ve battled to fit into the crowd your whole life, and you’ve even wondered if this call was just your imagination as it caused you to face rejection in so many circumstances.

Yet, it’s through those rejections that I desire to impart to you a perspective no one else has. I was rejected everywhwere I placed My feet. Regardless of what I did, or how much I loved, no one understood why I was so different. I didn’t fit into their doctrines and understanding but see, My child, I didn’t come to fit into that. I came to bring you life, and life abundantly. I came to set you free from the bondage of sin, and therefore, I gladly embraced every rejection.

It’s for you to embrace your call to heal the broken-hearted, to set the captives free, and to give My people a place to belong. When you see your purpose, you’ll embrace the power of love that’s locked into every rejection you’ve faced, and you’ll build My Kingdom through it.

When you embrace the rejection, you’ll have the tenacity to push through with My people regardless of what happens to you. For your need is met when you do My will.

Shake off the dust now, child, and let Me empower you. Let Me show you the many opportunities that are before you to cultivate an environment of love and acceptance for My people. Fix your eyes like a flint on their hearts. They need you to be My vessel of agape love to them. Go now, and love,” says the Lord.

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