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Jesus Wants Your Story To Show Off His Glory

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Winning the battle means engaging... on the battlefield! Victory belongs to the brave and today, I’m asking you to be brave. The Lord Jesus wants you to be an example of His power, but He needs you to take a bold step. Accept His hand and reject the enemy’s work in your life. This word is a call to action! You are favored. Now get up and take that bold step of obedience!

Love and blessings, Colette Toach Ministry News from the Toaches Next Tuesday, I’ll be teaching our Prophetic School students on the importance of building a battle line. A little lesson I learned during our trip to the Wilson’s Creek Battlefield in Springfield, MO. If the enemy keeps engaging you on your land, then you’ve failed to take the first bold step in spiritual warfare! If you’re not a student yet, consider registering for prophetic boot camp! Register here:

Today's word is a call to warfare for your blessing! by Chaifa Berry

God calls you to be blessed. He wants to use your story to show off His glory to the world. Yet, though He authors your story, you're the main character. It’s for you to pick up your sword and fight your battles, as He leads the charge. It’s time to take ownership of your inheritance. God says you’re blessed - kick the devil out of your life.

“I’ve called you to step behind enemy lines to do the warfare for your victory. You can’t win a war by staying home, so grab your sword and take the fight to the enemy. For he seeks to kill and destroy, but I’ve called you to be blessed. In the same way, I sent the Israelites into a Promise Land occupied by enemies, I send you. So too, you must not accept the occupancy of the enemy in your life. Loss is not my will for you. You're a vessel of honor that holds my glory, and so I lift you so you can shine my light to the world. I share my glory with you so that you will draw men to me. I set you apart so that I can display my splendor in you.

You are favored. You are glorified in Me and anything less is of the enemy. So shake off his lies and claim your inheritance in Me. You're the head and not the tail. I’ve given you dominion on this earth. Indeed, when you go into battle, go as one who has already won. Blessing and favor will ambush you, as you take your promised land. My hand is upon you, as you drive out your enemy,” says the Lord. Project:

  1. Identify attacks from the enemy that you’ve come to accept in your life as normal? (i.e. strife in your marriage, theft in your finances, disfavor in relationships, etc…)

  2. Get into the Word and find God’s will for you in that area of your life

  3. Speak God’s will over your circumstances and do warfare until you see His will come to pass. For lessons in effective prayer, check out “Prophetic Prayer”

Check out for more!

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